Alexis honest with you guys, I had not

Alexis CampaEnglish lll      Good morning, Class of 2022.            Welcome to your school and your home for next four years. My name is Alexis Campa and I am senior here at Lindblom and regardless of what others may think, I have learned a thing or two these past years.  I would like to be honest with you guys, I had not started this speech at all until the night before it was due and this was my semester 1 final. I always struggled with essays, I never know what to write and you have to write an essay for basically everything. I hate it.This speech was even harder didn’t really know what to tell you guys.I even asked my sister who is a freshman what she would have wanted to know at orientation and she told me what everyone says all the time now she said IDK. I remember that week when it was due and, at the time, Fornite had just updated the map so you know I had to hop online. Then that day came and I had to decide to either write the speech or take this D. So I was deciding what was I going to say and I asked a friend, ” What should I say? ” and he told me ” Just write whatever” and it was then when I realized some friends are useless and are not going to get you anywhere in high school and in life so choose your friends wisely. Also if you are going to do something do it right if not, don’t do it at all because it won’t help you. Do not just say whatever or write whatever.  I was thinking I could tell you my experience at Lindblom how everyone else does in these orientation speeches but I wanted to do something different give you advice as a fellow classmate and to not lecture you about life because I’m just 17 years old. Some things I say you will forget, some things you will remember and some things will change how you think. Whatever you get out of this I hope this helps. Not only Lindblom will give you the knowledge and education you need but it will give you tools to be successful in life. A few years when I was in your shoes someone came up and was talking and they were talking something about a new grading system. All heard is homework here did not count and that was great. Homework here counts as a HOLLs grade which stands for Habits of Lifelong Learners. I did not understand what this meant and I didn’t care because I had As in most of my classes because I knew the material and passed all tests. Then I would have 1s in HOLLs which basically an F but since it did not count I did not care. I would show up late to most of my classes or show up so late I would skip the first period of the day. I would not do any homework.  I obviously had to do some work in some classes but since I developed that habit of not doing work it was so hard to do it so I would fail the classes. My sophomore year was terrible my grades and attendance were low because I had developed that habit of not doing work. When it finally hit me was in my junior year. All my teachers were asking me how do I it to pass and how it was not going to work in college. So I started slowly to make changes and start doing more work but it was so hard since I was used to not doing anything. It was not until one day at work I was talking to a man that was about in his mid-30s. We were talking and he was saying  how he had finished high school and could not go to college because he messed up in high school. He told me how he had gotten fired multiple times from his jobs  because he never had the discipline to do what they told him and he would always show up late.He gave me some good advice that I do not want to take that same path because life is hard. It changed me there working with him getting paid the same wage as him when he is older has to pay rent and support his family. Just imagine that kind of life just because you did not learn those habits of being on time and having discipline.  If you have good grades in HOLLs it means you will be more successful long-term. I  just want to end off with take high school seriously and enjoy it because if not you will regret it.Thank you and have a good day.