Algae Biofuel around the World Essay

There are several countries that use algae as a substance to create usable and efficient biofuel. Several of these countries are primarily found in Europe. Places such as Amsterdam and Paris use algae biofuel as a source of power. Recently several universities in London, England such as Cambridge and Cranfield University have begun develop studies in this field. This study in England will hopefully spread throughout the entire continent. As well as this, places in the United States such as, Ukiah, CA have begun using Algae as a source of fuel.

The most popular place that this type of energy is used is Israel. In June of 2008, Israel began to use Algae biofuel as a source of fuel to power their cars. During June of 2008 Tel Aviv-based Seambiotic and Seattle-based Inventure Chemical announced a joint venture to use CO2 emissions-fed algae to make ethanol and biodiesel at a biofuel plant in Ashkelon, Israel. This is the world’s leading user of Algae Biofuel and algae biodiesel. Consequently, in seeing the Israeli creating positive results from using such methods, other countries began to follow.

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Europe’s most influential country, Amsterdam began using algae to create biodiesel for their cars. The company, AlgaeLink uses algae to create fuel for airplanes. It has created a deal with KLM and agreed to create planes that will soon run on biodiesel created from algae. The most important company in the Netherlands is Ingrepro BV, a company that produces algae from waste materials. If we were to apply this to St. Maarten, we would see endless benefits. This would result in the clearing of the Great Salt Pond, one of our island’s greatest ambitions.