Ali even in smoking rooms. A very

Ali Khair

Humanities 7

January 14, 2018






In many city’s there is always that one thing that makes the city a
bad place for any age, it’s pollution, so pollution comes from smoking,
factories, cars and trucks. So when you have the capital of a very big city and
the most populated city in that country is the capital, that’s when the
problems get so bad that many people started to go and leave there homeland and
live in another city or maybe in another country. So, a very good way to stop
pollution is by closing all factories and start making windmills and solar
energy panels. Another way to stop pollution which I think they should do this
all around the world so people can live a healthier life is to ban smoking in
all areas even in smoking rooms. A very great invention is electrical cars.
“The time is right for electric cars – in fact the time is critical.”
Electrical cars can affect the way people live in many ways, it stops the most
important situation pollution and it stops using gasoline. Gasoline is bad
because when it drips it gets evaporated and goes in the air and when it goes
down it will be acid rain which is very bad for humans to touch but we make it
happen. When trucks carry gasoline most o f it falls and makes this procedure
this makes it hard to rain normal rain because its acid and rain and most
probably acid will win because it is stronger. So acid rain can make a city a
dangerous place for all ages because it will hurt them and some people die from
it so it will make the people leave the city. In a successful city the people
have to be good, everyone to have jobs, kids have to be educated and most
importantly it has to be a city were the elderly will remember that this as the
best city, when you see people that are old they are probably sitting in their
couch watching tv, but a way for them to live longer is to exercise. “Age is
just a number,” when the elderly exercise it makes them feel relaxed because
even if you walk you are moving and that the most important part it’s that you
are moving your body and doing that makes you feel relaxed, that’s why parks
and gyms are very important when building parks. When Parks are built It allows
people to have fun while they are not doing work, it makes people relaxed when
seeing all the greenery and kids can play sports and play them with their dads
while the moms sit down watching and talking. “When was the last time you spent
a quiet moment just doing nothing – just sitting and looking at the sea, or
watching the wind blowing the tree limbs, or waves rippling on a pond, a
flickering candle or children playing in the park?” Having a place to swim is
an amazing way to spend your Friday with your family because it’s a family day
and you are having fun with them. A river is very important when doing your
city because people can buy a boat or a yacht and ride it down the river so
they can have a peaceful time and go around meet new people in their boats. In
some city’s because cars pollute a lot the use boats as a way of transportation
because it doesn’t do traffic and it is a fun way to go around your city.
Trains is also a way of transportation but it pollutes a lot when its outside
but if its underground it doesn’t pollute because most of the air stays inside
so the people inside will breath all of the bad air and in many places they are
building electrical trains so it stops polluting. Jobs and education is very
hard to find in a busy city because all adults want to work and make their
child live a happy life and make them have a job that they want, and for
children all kids must be educated so there has to be a lot of schools because
many schools are full of students and universities and colleges are worse
because if you want to have the best universities and colleges then many
students from all around the world want to come to this universities or colleges
because it’s the best for example in London they have the best universities and
colleges so people from all around the world come to study there. When you know
there is a limited amount of jobs in each business that will make you scared in
you interview because if you don’t get that job then it will be hard to find
another one because most jobs are taken in a busy and populated city because
the city has many adults that want to have jobs and want to make their children
happy but many are homeless and many don’t want to have jobs so they just want
to sleep and stay watching tv, that is very wrong because you have to move your
body to keep your cells moving and when you don’t move you will start to get
diseases with your brain, hand and most commonly when you don’t move you get
cancer and that’s very bad because many people want to live a long life but
when you don’t move unfortunately you will live less and food will become you
best friend which will make you o beast so even walking is very good for your
body. When trying to move when you old it will be hurtful that’s why when you
younger you always have to move. In our city Arsenal 1-2 million children come
to be educated and 600,000 thousand adults come to get jobs and to make their
children have a happy life. In Arsenal smoking is the most common thing there
especially the elderly because Englishmen created it and have created a long
time ago so the elderly when they were younger they would smoke and now they
still smoke so that why the death rate is high and that’s why they die at a
younger age and that’s why it’s all pollution. Arsenal is a very busy city so
there are many jobs and most of the jobs are factories so pollution is very
high in Arsenal but a problem is that most people have a jobs and when people
have to many jobs most jobs are going to be taken so most people won’t have
jobs and that’s why Arsenal have many homeless people and many people that need
money to live. To stop the pollution there are two ways to stop it. 1. Arsenal
has to close all factories that produce energy and start to build windmills and
solar energy panels. 2. Arsenal needs to ban smoking not just for pollution but
also for their health because smoking kills and it even written on the packet
and even make electrical cars only so cars won’t pollute the city. A risk is
when closing the factories people will lose their job and it will be hard to
find a new job because jobs aren’t a easy thing to find in Arsenal because of
the population in one city and its harder because many people have come to
Arsenal to study because it has many of the best schools and colleges in the
world. Arsenal has many parks including one of the best parks Hyde park which I
visited and it was an amazing day to just relax and play football. Football is
very big in places but the biggest in England and especially Arsenal because in
the city it has 3 of the biggest clubs in football. Now football is the best
sport in the world so to watch your favorite team play live you need to go to
the stadium and when Arsenal has a stadium that has enough space to hold 90,000
people, that’s when the problem comes in, on the way to the stadium many people
will cover the street to get in the stadium so that’s why a solution is to get
an underground entrance for all three stadiums in Arsenal so the streets won’t
be full of fans. There are many solutions to fix Arsenal because it has too
many problems, I have listed some of these problems to make Arsenal an
age-friendly city. An age-friendly city is the best way to live especially for
the elderly because it will make them have a happy life and it will make them
live longer and they will be happier than a normal city.



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