All About Lipids Essay

What is your macromolecule made of? List element names and/or other molecules. a. Lipids are mostly composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Other elements, such as nitrogen and phosphorus can be found also. Molecules found in lipids include fats, waxes, sterols, and fat-soluble vitamins. 2. Include 2 examples of your macromolecule and their purpose in your body. a. An example of a lipid is steroids. Steroids are taken to increase the hormone testosterone, which helps to build muscles.

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Another example of a lipid is phospholipids.These are a class of lipids, and also a huge part of your cell membranes. They have quite a few roles in our body, such as helping an unborn babies lungs develop. 3.

Find out where in the human body your macromolecule is found. Be specific. If it is found in cells, explain where it is in the cell and what is does for the cell.

a. Lipids make up the cell plasma membrane and the nuclear membrane. Steroids are also lipids, and they are hormones that act as signaling molecules. You can find lipids in all cells in your body because they make up the hydrophobic part of the phospholipid membrane. . List two foods in which your macromolecule is found in large amounts. a. Cheese burgers from McDonalds contain an extremely high amount of cholesterol, which is a lipid.

b. This small entre may not seem very unhealthy, but it happens to be on America’s top 10 most unhealthy foods! This empanada is one of the most fatty deserts around. Fat is a molecule found in lipids. 5.

How does your macromolecule affect your life? Be very specific about two ways it helps humans and one way it can hurt humans. a. Lipids are a necessity in life and if you don’t have them, you cannot survive.On the other hand, if you eat too many it can lead to death because of the build up of fats. One way it can hurt humans is if the build up of lipid storage in places like liver can cause irreversible damage to the body and may ultimately lead to death. Something that it does to help humans is that is produces wax, which is needed in the body to protect sensitive areas keeping them clean and sanitized. Another way it helps the body is that it is a form of energy, which is essential to the body and helps power it.

6.What would happen to a person if they didn’t have your macromolecule? Why? a. Lipids are a part of cell membranes; all cells are surrounded by a phospholipid bilayer. This holds the structure of the cell together and regulates what enters and exists the cell. It is almost impossible to have a life without lipids because you’d be a puddle of stuff. 7. Come up with 2 interesting facts about your macromolecule.

1. Lipids are stored in your body as a source of fuel. 2.

The only way to move through the bloodstream is for lipids to combine with proteins to form lipoproteins.