All About Scout Finch Final Draft Essay

This book is about Scout Finch and her life in the sass’s in Macomb County, Alabama. Harper, shows how Scout matures and progresses in this book along with many other things. For example Scout, the main character, realizes her town is racist after the Tom Robinson trial. Harper also informs the reader about things Scout does not understand throughout the book. One Of the things she demonstrates is he reason why Jam, Scout’s brother, is acting different.

She does not know what people act like at that age because she is a lot younger, so all of his behavior is new to her. One of the other examples Harper shows is the very unique relationship between Miss Caroline, Scout’s teacher, and Scout. They would like each other, but Miss Carolina’s teaching strategy is bad for Scout because she is able read. Just like a lot of kids her age, Scout starts to mature a lot. When Jam says it was Miss Carolina’s new way of teaching kids (by reading later on), Scout plies, “l contented myself with asking Jam if he’d lost his mind”(24).

In this quote Scout is acting mature, because instead of just yelling at Jam, like a little kid would do, she made herself calm and talked with him. In another quote in which Scout is showing her maturity is when Scout realizes Miss Caroline is mad at her for being able to read. Scout says, “l knew had annoyed Miss Caroline, so I let well enough alone out the window until recess”(23). Yet again Scout is maturing by being smart and wise enough to tell when someone is mad at her. On the other hand Scout is sometimes immature.

For instance when Walter Cunningham came over for dinner Scout rudely exclaims, “Walter poured on his vegetables and meat with a generous hand what in the Sam hill was he doing”(32). She is showing immaturity in this part of the novel, because a mature person would not have been so rude, they would have either kept to themselves or asked nicely why he liked syrup so much. This last quote shows a combination of the maturity and immaturity of Scout. This is when Scout finds the two pieces of bubblegum in the knothole.

Scout is thinking to herself, ” My first impulse was to get it into my mouth as quickly as possible, but I remembered where was”(44). This describes how Scout is immature at first, when she just wants to start chewing the gum as soon as she gets it (like a little kid), and then she turns into a mature person in a matter Of seconds. In this novel Scout understands very little at first, then as the book goes on she begins to learn more and more things. When Scout is thinking about and why he is acting funny now, she starts to think to herself, “Jam was 12. He as difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody.

He told me many times to stop pestering him. I consulted 53). In this part of the book she does not get why Jam is so “moody’ and in a bad mood all the time. She does not know how other people are at that age, and since Jam usually acts nicer, she thinks this is abnormal. In this other quote when Scout is asking Attic’s, her father, what rape is. ” What’s rape? ‘(180). In this quote she is confused about what rape is because no one ever taught her what it is. SCOUt and Miss Caroline have an odd relationship throughout this novel. They like each other, but her teaching styles got in the way of having a better relationship with Scout.

For instance the quote, ” Had her conduct been more friendly toward me, I would have felt sorry for her. She was a pretty little”(29). This shows the reader that Scout likes Miss Caroline, but not her teaching styles. Miss Caroline likes Scout as well, but she was messing with her plan. “As I read the alphabet a faint line appeared between her eyebrows, and after making me read most of My First Reader and the stock market quotations room The Mobile Register aloud, she discovered that Was literate and looked at me with more than faint distaste”(22).

When Miss Carolina’s eyebrow raises this shows that she is displeased and surprised at the fact that Scout can read. These two quotes show the rather odd relationship between these two characters. Scout progresses throughout this novel. She also learns things she never knew. Finally she has friendships with many people, including Miss Caroline. Anyone who reads this book can see that Jean Louise “Scout” Finch is a very interesting character.