All Quiet Final Essay

Wars are very harmful phenomena that cause pain and harm to all of the Poe pale that indulge in it. War causes pain for the soldiers in the war and the families who have a loved one in the war. All Quiet On The Western Front is a brilliant war novel, written by E rich Maria Remarried to represent the full war experience. Often in order to get a point a cross, authors will use symbols in their books. Remarried uses boots, potato pancakes, and book s to represent the fact that war destroys everyone involved, whether they have died, or their love deed died.

And if the soldier somehow survived the war, their dreams would be crushed for the rest t of their lives. Remarried symbolizes the demutualization that war causes by using boots. W hen a childhood friend “Chimer” is dying, Mueller goes for his boots. The group CLC aims ‘Awe have lost all sense of other considerations, because they are artificial. Only the fact s are real and important to us. And good boots are hard to come by” (24).

The friends want t o be strong for Chimer, but they can tell that he will soon die, and “Though M;leer would e delighted to have Chimerical boots, he is really quite as sympathetic as another who coo Id not bear to think of such a thing for grief. He merely sees things clearly’ (26). It is as if the solid errs don’t really realize what is happening to their friend. They just know that soon the boots will be available, and that they are nice boots. Armature’s use of the boots shows how war can kill a soldier’s morality by dehumidifying him. Remarried uses the potatoes to symbolize the sacrifice of the families.

Pap I goes mom on leave and finds his family has cooked his favorite meal, potatoes and worthlessness. Paul cannot enjoy this meal because he could tell that “the jar Of worthlessness is the only one they have had for months, and that [his mom had] kept it for [hi m]; and the somewhat stale cakes that she [gave him] too. She must have got them cheap some time and put them all by for Remarried uses the potatoes to represent the s sacrifice that the families made for the war. Paul knows that saving the food for him was even ore of a struggle because he notices that his mother is sick.

He asked his sister what is wrong with her. She responded, “she has been in bed some months now, but we did not want to write and tell you. Several doctors have been to see her. One of them said it is probably cancer a gain” (71). Since Pall’s mom is sick it was an even bigger deal to him that she saved the potato cakes. Paul finds the potatoes special to his heart because he can understand that he is not the only who has to make sacrifices because Of the war. Remarried also uses books as a representation of the loss of any future for Pa LU or the other remaining soldiers.

When Paul comes home on leave he goes to his ROR m and realizes “[he] used to live in this room before [he] was a soldier. The books [he] bought grab dually with the money [he] earned by coaching” (75). The books represent the past that Paul had and the dreams that he had. He was going to go to college but he did not and couldn’t anymore e because of the war. Paul knows that he will not get his future back but in his room he still ho pees that when the AR is over, he will still “feel the same powerful, nameless urge that [he] used to feel when [he] turned to [his] books.

The breath of desire that then arose from the colored backs of the books, shall fill [him] again” (75). Remarried uses the books to represent how they trim eked Paul into believing he had had a future. He didn’t. Remarried used boots to show how humanity gets destroyed. He used potato teacakes to show how families got destroyed. He used books to represent how the men w ho survived the shells got destroyed. Everything touched by war gets destroyed.