Aluminum-air battery Essay

The researcher made five set-ups mainly set- up A (containing 1 soda can strip in each cell), set-up B (containing 2 soda can trip in each cell), set-up C (containing 3 soda can strip in each cell), set-up D (containing 4 soda can strip in each cell) and lastly, set-up E (containing 5 soda can strip in each cell). The graphite electrode (from the pencil; where the reduction of oxygen from the air happens) is connected to the aluminum anode (which is oxidized) and a tissue paper soaked in the Niacin solution (electrolyte) completes the cell.

Five cells were connected in series and the voltage produced was recorded every 30 minutes. In obtaining the results, the researcher used One-way NOVA and the results showed that the number of oft drink can strips will affect the voltage produced since F computed is greater than tabular. The researcher concludes that the soft drink can is an effective material for an air battery and that the number of aluminum strips in a cell affects the voltage produced in a set-up. It Was able to lit an LED bulb and it was also found out that the soft drink aluminum cans can produce electricity as an air battery.

When the air battery’ was used, the aluminum was consumed in which the strip became thinner than usual. 3 Acknowledgement would like to extend my utmost and genuine gratitude and thanks to the allowing important people who have made significant acts in the success and completion of this study: To my teachers, Mrs.. Ferreira Air, Mr.. Ryan Novo Hang, Mrs.. Lourdes Lee, Mrs.. Marie Lou Dong, Mrs.. Joan Doling and Mr.. Victorian Juliann, who gave me background knowledge of the study, for the encouragement and for the all out support.

So the researcher came up with the idea of using soft drink cans to construct an air battery which is an alternative source of electricity with the oxidation of aluminum and the reduction of oxygen from the air. The strip of aluminum serves as the anode while the reduction of oxygen happens in an inert graphite electrode. Research Objectives: General: The study aims to determine if soft drink cans can be used as an air eatery. Specific: To determine the number of volts produced in each of the five set- ups The researcher would like to make an air battery out of scrap materials such used soda cans and pencils.

Main problem: Can soft drink aluminum can produce electricity as an air battery? Due to the energy crisis, a lot of people are finding alternative means of energy production. This study is conducted to determine whether soft drink cans can be used in making air batteries. The result of this investigation can serve as a basis in the production of air batteries for commercial consumption. This study could be a basis for future searches. It could be used for toys and for Christmas lights. It could also lessen expenses in recycling process.