Am a Nurse by Profession Essay

Consider the age-old tale of the father who stole a loaf of bread to feed his hungry family. Stealing is deemed wrong by our society and is punishable by law. Failing to provide for one’s family is neglectful and fundamentally wrong.

What would be the dilemma and the implications of such a crime on the individual, the family, the community, and society? Unlike from the past, people are struggling and do many things both moral and immoral to live . Whether steal a loaf of bread in-order to feed the hungry family is a crime or not is frequent topic of discussion.But I agree with this statement to a great extent and I will discuss the matter in the following paragraphs. There are many welfare agencies in US in-order to save the people of their country and they provide varies programmes for the well being of the people of their country. WIC is such an agency that provides food products and even coupons which is of low cost for the people who are unable to afford the high cost. So, if a person steel a loaf of bread from a shop for his family this benefit is a wrong thing and he should be punished under law because the person who stole the food stuff is the sweat of the another.Whereas, in the case of under developed countries like Kenya and South Africa people are starving for food and their children die due to lack of nourishment. In such cases, if a man tried to steel food, he should not be punished under law and the law should protect that person and provide shelter and food to the family because he who stolen a loaf of bread in-order to sustain the life of his family.

In my opinion, government should bring welfare programmes to the society and implement it to needed ones is a good thing to the society and this can reduce the crime to a certain extent .