Amazon Essay

In the beginning Amazon sold only physical products but as the time goes and technology gets better and better the company is trying to keep pace with it. They started with the first E-reader before even most people realized that they will prefer them than books, but they also sell digital music and video as well.

The consumers that have their online devices are really taking advantage of their digital products. As years passed and Amazon became a big player, they needed extensive and efficient networks of data in order to be able to us port one of the world’s most visited websites and to manage goods and hipping through its many retailers.So Amazon became one of the best technology vendors on the planet, but there was one problem, they kept the technology for themselves, they were the only customer of themselves actually. So they decided to not keep all the information for themselves but to, unveiled it in 2006. So it allowed anyone who has a credit card to access their enormous and efficient IT structure. This was one of the key moments in the business world going from physical operated servers to virtual computing resources accessing them via The Cloud. Amazon actually made it possible forIT customers to buy not only as much computing power that they need, which was a monopoly made by the IT vendors. They made it possible to use their super computers by the internet, instead of risking to overbuy or do the opposite which is buying not enough powerful computer, just pay to Amazon and use their super computer, which is really much easier and cheaper for people.

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An entire wave of businesses is built on Amazon’s severs, by doing this they are actually freeing these companies from having to build and buy their own physical data servers, letting each of them to bring value to the market by creating new software.For example DROP BOX, which is an online storage company that makes it easy for every internet user to store, exchange and sync data from all around the world on all their devices. So DROP BOX aren’t using any physical data storage of theirs, they actually use Amazon’s Simple Storage Service. So Amazon was a part from the dot.

Com bubble and it is one of the few companies that continued to work and actually had an impressive growth, but how did they do that? It is all because it had an innovative business model built around market-changing customer value proposition and a great profit formula.As it says earlier in the report they darted with selling books but they really quickly expanded beyond books and started selling other easy shipped consumer goods. They continued with the progress and they putted themselves in the position of a broker to allow buyers and sellers of used books to trade. They didn’t stop there they opened up their storefront to other retailers that were competitors, so they actually changed their business from direct sales to sales-and-service model. That way they, got all the sellers under one roof and started to receive commissions from the companies.So Amazon is actually built to transform and to satisfy he customers needs.

When they find new customers for something or give a new product/service to already existing customers, they are up to it and they start to create something new. What they are doing really requires a lot of courage, because they have to deliver the value to the customer first. In order to identify the value they first have to find a unseeded or undeserved job that the customers need to be done and then come up with a solution for their problem, and it has to be so good that even if it is unknown for you, you would choose to use their value proposition.