Ambition Reliability & Dedication,” the author talks about

Ambition in the workplace cannot only be done by oneself. Teamwork is almost, if not certainly, needed to be a necessity to prosper in the workplace. Collaboration is an important element to any team. Members of any team can bring in their own experiences and level of expertise to a project to help create an effective finished product. In order to collaborate together effectively communication is a must within the team, co-workers, or even peers and the ability to share ideas is an even better way to achieve goals. In an article called Elements of Teamwork in the Workplace, the author talks about all the essential elements needed to make sure the team in the workplace is a good one and if not the article has ways to make it a good group. Reliability. Reliability is a great way to show ambition in the workplace. Reliability means that you can be relied upon for any situation that needs to be handled or fixed. In an article titled Keys to Success in Today’s Job Market: Flexibility, Reliability & Dedication, the author states that “Paying attention to punctuality not only means less stress on the team, but it also means the employee become more reliable at the workplace and can be trusted with new responsibilities. Those who prove to be reliable workers are more likely to get promoted than the other employees who may be late. For instance,if employees job title was to receptionist the employee’s job would depend on answering the phone; reliability is critical to ensuring that everything runs smoothly all day long. In this article called “Keys to Success in Today’s Job Market: Flexibility, Reliability & Dedication,” the author talks about how reliability is one of the key aspects of keeping a job and showing ambition to prosper in the job. As claimed by  “According to a survey conducted at the end of 2016 by job, more than one in four workers admit to being late at least once every month, and 16% are late at least once a week.”  Helping the manager. When helping the manager the employee can grow a strong relationship with the boss and it is a great way to show the boss ambition. According to Adele Burney in her article titled How to Show Ambition at Jobs, “The best employees are those that contribute to the bottom line while being positive and happy people to work with.” Part of that positivity is achieved by assisting the manager in achieving their goals. While at a high level the manager’s goals are in line with the company’s vision, she has supplementary goals to achieve for the department.  In an episode of  People Like Us, it talked about a poor family not having enough money to buy the things they needed. Tammy, the mom, would walk 10 miles a day to get to work to provide for her children. Her doing this showed pure ambition almost to the fullest extent because walking 10 miles to work is not easy and doing so shows strive and dedication.Disadvantages. Even though ambition in the workplace seems to be a great quality, there are still some disadvantages of having too much, such as not recognizing teamwork between each other in the group. According to Charlie Gaston “Ambition and desire for individual praise should not take precedence over company goals.” When on a team at work ideas and collaboration are always a good thing, but when one employee feels left out of idea or collaboration it can bring the whole project at a standstill. Also, when one of the co-workers in the group project shows too much ambition the co-worker may try and do things on own to try and better self and the outcome can come out severe to everyone in the group.Greed. Having high levels of ambition can lead to greed and having greed which can  ultimately stop employee growth in the workplace. When workers fail to help each other due to greed businesses often suffer. For example, if an employee is helping a customer but does not know the answer to the customers question, often times the employee will ask a fellow co-worker for help but if co-worker does not help to satisfy a selfish need that make productivity go down.In conclusion, ambition in the workplace can be a good thing that opens up opportunity or bad thing that can cost someones job. Ambition is one of the best qualities an employee can have but it can also be the employees greatest weakness. Ambition can be a gift from god or a curse by the devil and it all relies on how you use your ambition.