Amelie paper Essay

Tristan SteneHour 4Cinematography plays a major role throughout films. This element was a main focus used by the director, in the film Amelie. Using effects such as speeding up the scenes with the shaking of the camera and the fast forwarding of each clip, the director made it look like the scenes were moving faster then they actually were, altering and warping time. Under those scenes was always green and yellow lighting. This gave the film a bit more of a taste of the french culture. Making the emotions standout much more than ordinary, and by combining the lighting with the far out shots and close up shots of each character throughout the film gave it a bit more understanding and feel for what the character was thinking and feeling.Of course, without a plot, you wouldn’t have a movie.

The plot is about a girl who’s life is not going so well ; she’s around an abundance of negative things such as her family, and friends. The girl, Amelie, tries to change that by creating good. She does this by setting people up and helping them such as she did with Georgette.

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This creates an overall theme of the movie, hope. Amelie goes through a very rough stage through her life, for she has no one to love and no one loving her, but her father. She does not give up however for she sees good in other people and enjoys pulling it out from the worst of times and putting someone back on their feet to a road of happiness. Overall, the message is never give up, for you always have something to live for. Amelie puts that into play many times throughout the movie for her “good-doings”.

Special effects were added to the film to create a better sense of emotion of the characters. Such as, when Amelie melts to the ground after her thought about the love of her life walking through the door. They used that specific effect to show her literally melting in sorrow, knowing she should’ve talked to him or communicated with him in some way. Another example would be when the portraits start to talk to Nino, acting as his conscience of some sort. They speak his thoughts for him, pulling words from his mouth and out of their own.

These effects were used to get a better perpective of what the characters were seeing and feeling. The act ofactuating verbally describing what’s going through Nino’s head is better than just seeing someone’s facial expression.