American Apparel Analysis Essay

CONSUMER PROFILE American Apparel have a cult status worldwide for sexy, guilt free clothing which wont fall apart or cost a bomb. The American Apparel consumer profile is a young, sexy, gritty, metropolitan type. Dov Charney aims his company towards “metropolitan adults” he says “Our customers are educated, sophisticated, creative types who adapt to economic dislocation. They don’t own cars. They don’t own stocks.

They probably don’t have a lot of dependants. They don’t have a lot of savings, but they don’t have a lot of debt either. ” Some say they are grouped with Jack Wills and Crew Clothing being described as academic, preppy casual, active leisurewear. Here are two images of a girl and boy who we think fit the American Apparel consumer profile according to Dov’s quote and how they represent themselves as a brand.

They appeal to the conventional clothes buyer looking for a uniform that denotes their lifestyle or the one they aspire for. UK CLOTHING MARKET The UK clothing market has been driven by the value retailers for a decade but having recently been faced with falling demand and low growth, combined with the return of inflation, retailers all over the UK need to reassess their strategies and look for new avenues of growth.

Opportunities to upgrade the womenswear clothing market include investing in new innovative designers, premiumise ranges, creating lifestyle offers, lifestyle branding applies to value retail as much as premium. The biggest spending category is 15-24 year olds and the current lowest spending group being the 55+’s. The mid-market is losing ground each year. It has been noticed that underwear spending is growing faster than outerwear because underwear can be worn under any new trend.