American created to bring skilled workers to the

American President Donald Trump has formulated an act to abolish the current Diversity Immigrant visa program commonly known as the green card. According to the trumps administration the green card lottery program will generate few downfalls in social and economic contest of USA. The current immigrant act was created in 1987 to develop the immigrant diversity in America. It is created to bring skilled workers to the Country and provide the opportunity to develop them self as well as contribute to the economic growth of USA. But however according to the Trumps administration the objects of the Green Card program was not achieved. The department of state mentioned that immigrants will bring unable relatives and those unable relatives have to depend on the welfare system. That is a massive burden to American economy. And the other issue is the current program opened the door for unskilled labor as well. Those unskilled labor will work for low wages and it limits the employment opportunities of American citizens. According  to the ‘America First Policy’ of Donald Trump America should provide priority to their own citizen. The new immigrant policy that they have formulated will only bring highly skilled works to America. The president Trump is world renowned for ‘Nativism” ( Implementation of anti-Immigrant policies) Even in his election campaign last year trump had made some controversial statements. He stated that he will ban Muslims to enter America and will build up wall between boarder of Mexico and America stop immigrants. Trumps statements and policies boosted the anti-Immigrant programs in Europe as well. But however concerning the green card programe the senators of Republican party Stated that it is bringing  1.1million legal immigrants annually to America and out of only 1 out of 15th is skilled. Most of them even can`t speak in English. And they also willing to limit the chean immigration which brings more relatives than workers. Further more they stated that they will lose the high skilled and most required worker because of this immigrant policy. According to Trump this will be one of most important reconstructions done by his time. However concerning the Check and Balances of the American constitution Trump needs to get approval of the Congress before implementing the new immigrant policy.