America’s invasion of Iraq Essay


Many things have been said and written about America ‘s invasion of Iraq. To day of the month, most of what have been said is basically reactions leveled against the accounts adopted by the so America ‘s government and her Alliess in warranting invasion of Iraq. Bush ‘s government told the international community that there was pressing demand to occupy Iraq in order to throw out Saddam Hussein ‘s despotic leading from power and therefore pave manner for the intrenchment of democracy in Iraq which is a requirement to international peace and security particularly in this epoch of terrorist act.

Even though UN Security Council ‘s intelligence forces assigned the duty of look intoing America ‘s claims of being of WMDs in Iraq was non in harmoniousness with those claims, America went in front in prosecuting in one of the most expensive war since the terminal of Cold War. This essay seeks to set up whether sociopolitical accounts adopted by America amidst protests from the International community and the UN were underpinned by America ‘s involvement to keep her planetary economic laterality or the announced political motivation of emancipating Iraqis from dictatorship.

War as a agency of implementing foreign policy

By and large, war is a really expensive foreign policy execution tool which no sane state would desire to often utilize non unless it ‘s the lone option for her endurance. All states -the powerful and the weak-U.S included attempts every bit much as possible to utilize peaceable diplomatic negotiations in implementing their foreign policies abroad and can merely fall back to coercive diplomatic negotiations ( war ) when it ‘s the lone rational option for protecting its endurance and involvements in the International System.

Analysts were hence left unconvinced whether the demand to throw out bad leading in Iraq was the chief and echt ground behind America ‘s invasion of Iraq or her aspiration to keep herself place as the planetary economic giant was more of import. To be certain, there is no economic, political, or societal account that can on its ain to the full and convincingly explain America ‘s invasion of Iraq.

The economic position of the invasion

Pursuit of economic advancement and laterality abroad is one of the major ends of any nation-state ‘s foreign policies. Paul Cerni Mphil ( 2006 ) states that “… what every state and imperium aspires to is to foster their ain economic system where necessary…”
America is no exclusion in the sense that her finding to keep her planetary economic place stands out as one of the chief determiners of her foreign policies. Indeed, her aspiration to place her ego as the planetary economic giant has been pointed out by bookmans and international political analysts as the chief drive force behind twelvemonth 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Flatly, Marxists owing to the colossal sum of money spent on this war do n’t mention any other motivation behind the invasion of Iraq by America in confederation with Britain among others. For them any other non economic accounts adopted by America in warranting her actions was mere political lip service aimed at misdirecting the international community from opposing invasion of Iraq. Paula Cerni Mphil ( 2006 ) one time more argues that “The US invasion of Iraq, advertised as a forceful onslaught on planetary panic and dictatorship, was supposed to tag the rise of a stronger and more self-asserting American imperialism.”

Critics do n’t understand why if America ‘s announced end of throw outing bad leading in Iraq was the chief docket she did n’t waver from occupying Iraq even after UN Security Council failed to bring forth grounds for the being of WMDs in Iraq. They reject America ‘s claims of the demand to tyranny in Iraq since the UN is supposed to keeping international security and peace by pressing states to establish legal models that can forestall people with bad thoughts like which are a menace to democratic being from taking over power.

Therefore, these critics argue that the demand to make an enabling environment in Iraq for intents of working her rich oil mines was the cardinal involvement in this invasion. Oil as a beginning of energy for her industries is one of the extremely demanded natural stuff by American capitalists and imperialists who could non experience any hurting in support such an expensive foreign policy enterprise.

America was therefore determined to throw out Saddam Hussein from power non for intents accomplishing a democratic leading in Iraq but so that they could set in topographic point a marionette leading which they could easy pull strings in order to fulfill their selfish economic involvements. To these critics hence, America was basically on a mission to suppress a esteemed economic district and wrongly assumed that the weak Iraq would accept her announced end of eliminating bad leading from power.

A short review of the economic statement for the invasion

Note that Marxists are known for their inclination to over stress the economic facets of a given existent life phenomenon like invasion of Iraq by America. However, an impartial analyst should look at all factors in drama and attempt every bit pulp as possible to set behind each factor an accent that is non overdone. That is, in every bit much as economic involvements were primary in this invasion and are normally in any given foreign policy other involvements like her national security, endurance, peace, and need to propagate her political orientations can at times be more of import than mere chase of economic wealth and laterality

It is hence legitimate to reason that in every bit much every bit much as America wanted to work Iraq ‘s oil other involvements such as her national security and endurance in the international system played a important function. It ‘s for case arguable that in this instance American political elites felt that Saddam Hussein ‘s government was a menace to her a national security and endurance by virtuousness of the fact that it could supply an operating base for international terrorists. There was demand hence to occupy Iraq in order to convey to an terminal bad leading and therefore usher in a new democratic leading that would non merely warrant Iraqis their peace and human rights but besides enable America safeguard her national security and endurance against the menace of terrorist onslaughts from Iraq. Remarks posted on provinces that for a considerable period of clip “US disposal continued to see taking Hussein ‘s government from power and following the September 11, 2001 terrorist devastation of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York, they decided that they had sufficient alibi to make so.”
This statement is anchored on the premiss that Iraq has been and is still a hub of unsafe terrorist and Rebel groups including the awful Al Qaeda panic group. To some extent hence, America ‘s national security and endurance in the international system proclaimed by Bush government was every bit of import as positioning herself as a planetary economic giant. It is hence unjust and even unscholarly to give the Iraq invasion an absolute economic account thereby under looking other factors. However, primacy of America ‘s economic aspirations in this invasion should be given its consideration consequently particularly due to her insatiate “thirst” for oil which is plentifulness in Iraq.


In decision, merely like it was pointed out earlier there is no 1 peculiar factor ( economic, societal or political ) that can explicate America ‘s invasion of Iraq without confronting the dangers of missing nonpartisanship. An impartial analyst should therefore carefully put into consideration all factors in drama without over stressing some at the disbursal of others. Time and history therefore remains to turn out us incorrect or right with respects to our sentiments refering this invasion. Advocates of international peace and security would for case like to see how successful America will be in set uping peace and stableness and reconstructing the collapsed Iraq state. And besides understand why several old ages after Saddam Hussein was hanged for his despotic leading, bad leading is relentless in most Asiatic states and no WMDs have been recovered from Iraq.


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