Amistad Movie Essay

The ship was guided by panish people, Jos© Ruiz and Pedro Montes, who claimed ownership of the slaves on board the ship. The movie was based on the true story of America’s slave trade, that mutiny aboard the slave ship, a half of this movie is revolves in a courtroom drama as lawyers for the slaves seek their freedom and return home. We can see that the african people cant speak in english, so they can ‘t cornunicate with other people. African personalities on the ship were kidnapped and enslaved from Africa. (sierra leona).

Keep going in the movie the ship was intercepted by Americans, and were taken to USA. In that point the african people where started searching, how escape and return to homeland. The plot revolves around growing realization lavnyer Roger Baldwin and Mr. Theodoro Joadson are defending the case involving human beings, not just property rights even there are free men, Who initially refuses to help the captives , but finally convinces Supreme Court to order his return to Africa. However, was able to clearly show evidence that it was true.

The problem increase because they having Africans speak Mende, a West African language, not english. So they started to look someone who speak the ende language in the city, its was funny because de laywer and the rest of the people learned some numbers and words in mende. There were screaming. when finally they found a guy. Until this point they started to knew the true story of the lider. Sengbe Pieh / Joseph Cinqu©. Finally, This movie shows the last time of slaves who lived in the US, and how they were treated harshly and inexplicable ways. . Production Elements In terms of production, the movie does a pretty precise scenery of what is required, in the first part in the caribbean ocean, and then in the south Of usa, nd africa locations, Senegal to Nigeria. In this format, it is always to point out how many people collaborated in the film (specially children from africa) as side roles but still did a good job in the ambience of the film, giving it some kind of life and vibrancy to the film.

It also does show that humongous contrast between the industrial united states and the poor Cuba, and poor african space. 4. Historical Accuracy First off, this movie was based, some books about the mutiny on the ship, La Amistad, and brought the subject to HBO films, which chose to make a film adaption. Later they presented the project to DreamWorks SKG to release the film, which agreed. Steven Spielberg, who wanted to stretch his artistic staffafter making The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), (it was interested in directing it for DreamWorks,) says. hich he also co-founded as well. Spielberg was an unlikely person to tackle the Amistad story, since his previous picture about black characters. Other thing is recreating a parallel of the film in 1841 was developing another movie , titled 12 Years a Slave where the principal director Steve McQueen shows , roughly, how it worked lavery. The film was critically acclaimed . This movie was a free African American resident of upstate New York who was kidnapped in 1 841 and sold into slavery in the South.

Unable to do more thing , Northup (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor ) is forced to assume his new life. 5. Social, Political and International Issues The movie offers different points to each part. Starting with the political factors, it IS undeniable that Roger Sherman Baldwin is a guy who feels a strong nationalism for the african people, to garantee their freedom, and wants to repel actors from his country. In another hand its very difficutl season because slave was very normal topic in that time in specific.

We can see that the fight long enough to abolish slavery, which mentioned to the jury , who would fight to make their goal. In a nother hand we can check that Amistad ship problems go far deeper than Such anachronisms as President Martin Van Buren campaigning for reelection on a whistle -stop train tour in 1840, thats when the movie starts. and thats why was discussed at that time is that the civil war would come , so they had forgotten the subject of Slavery. 6. Conclusion In order to conclude, I would like to say one main thing.

First of all, the film gives the distinct impression that the Supreme Court was convinced by Adams’ plea to repudiate slavery in favor Of the natural rights Of man, thus taking a major step on the road to abolition. It was On During The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries than the Slavery was practiced in America. Then ask: How is that posible for so long allowed the terrible problem and also That allowed it ? , and they didn ‘t realize the big mistake that they committed You might respond that therefore the last 30 years the agenda is focused on he importance of human rights , democracy , freedom, among others.

And also, why today are the mayor majority population over dark race in the US, being located in the south are questions that I open to thinking about how a countries moves his schedule according to their history and how they see their roots. And behind the scenes of these films shows discontent and cruelty of how the country handle.