Amoeba Parasites Essay

Amoeba parasites Definition: Amoeba parasites is a microscopic parasite called Entamoeba histolytica (E.

histolytica) which causes internal inflammation. It is a single-celled organism and that is how the illness got its name – amebiasis. When the cysts survive the acidic stomach it transforms back to trophozoites in the small intestines then migrates to the large intestines where they multiply and live. Obtaining the parasite: Amoeba parasites are transmitted by eating and drinking something that is fecally contaminated water and food. Places like public water fountains, swimming pools, lakes, unsanitary bathrooms and un-well prepared food.

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Sometimes it can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse. Real life outbreak: People died from amoeba parasite, One in the Brevard County, Florida who may have got infected when a 16 year old went swimming in a nearby river and a 9 year old in Henrico County, Virginia who went fishing a week before he died. 50 million people are infected worldwide, mostly in tropical countries and in areas with poor sanitation. Signs and symptoms: When a person gets infected with the virus, sometimes it takes days or even weeks before showing any symptoms.Abdominal pain, loose bowel movements or loss of water gradually, cramps, loss of appetite and nausea. In some cases fever and bloody stools may develop.

For some people amebiasis symptoms may appear over night and some cases it may never appear at all. It can also cause appendicitis, fatigue, constipation, gas, toxic mega colon, pleuropulmunary abscesses, peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum which is the thin membrane that lines the abdominal wall, malnutrition, even liver abscesses that can lead to death if not treated. Treatment:If diagnosed with amoebiasis symptom, treatment is usually two antibiotics called metronidazole or tinidazole immediately followed with paromomycin.

Prevention: Always wash your hands before and after touching food and water, avoid eating raw food such as sushi, avoid eating raw vegetable that are not cleaned of peeled yourself. Avoid consuming milk or any dairy products that are not pasteurized. If possible, consume bottled water, boiled and filtered water only especially when going out. References Parasites In Humans 2010-2012 Retrieved from parasitesinhuman.

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