An Analysis of Black Beauty Essay

Black Beauty Did you ever wondered how a horse feels? well then Black Beauty is a story about a horse feelings. the story takes place in England and its about a horse who has a life with a lot of cruelty and hapiness. This book was publishedat 1977one year before the author Anne Sewell died. Black Beauty was a horse who the more years passed the more she was hurt and the more she felt against the humans. The reason of that was because they had hurt her and had sale her all over and over again.

Some characters of this story are Duchness, Black Beautys mum. She is a very wise horse who loves a lot Black Beauty. Ginger is a very independent horse who has suffered a cruel and lonely life. Merrylegs is a good friend of Black Beauty. She is a horse that has a big love with humans. And Black Beauty a very wise horse as her mother and her life is full of hardness and hapiness . A very good event I would recommend to everyone is an event when Black Beauty sees her friend Ginger.

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They are both old but they see each other in a park so they start talking and Ginger dies. Yes this is very sad but its a very good event. I chose this evenmt because you can see in your mind what theyve both suffered in their life and how much they enjoyed. I liked a lot this book and I also enjoyed making this book report. I think that this book has a very special place in everyone and I recommend people to read this book.