An Analysis of George Bush Essay

                           An Analysis of George Bush                                                           IntroductionDemocracy has been interpreted in several ways as it evolves in the political spectrum.  The attractiveness of democracy as a concept has made its function vulnerable as a significant political term and perhaps relegated it to a mere hurrah concept.  The definition of democracy is seen in a wide array of perspectives that include a system of rule by the masses and a form of government based on direct and popular continuous participation to the rule of the majority and a system of party competition. The film Fahrenheit 911 gathers information that the ordinary American may not know but which is important in understanding today’s events.

It is essential that everyone views this film in order to get a balanced view of recent happenings especially the occupation of Iraq and a peek at President Bush’s motivations and consequences of his actions.                                   A documentary peeks at BushFahrenheit 9/11” is a feature-length film released in 2004 that portrays Michael Moore’s views of the George W. Bush administration and the Iraq War. It was a huge success at Cannes garnering the Palme d’Or award. The film opens our eyes about a lot of other issues too, about democracy and its paradox, about the evils of a man’s heart, motivations and behavior.

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Iraq has made America an unsafe place sadly becomes truer as we see, now, more than ever, that the global community of Muslims could join forces with what their leaders believe in and, thus, be one in spirit of a holy war no matter where they are situated.  Benjamin was right in assessing that even if U.S had good intentions, the invasion at Iraq gave the best approval of the jihadist claims uniting Muslims from all around the world to adopt the Islamist cause as their own Thus, what America would have thought of Iraq attaining freedom is a far cry from what true freedom for the Iraqis really mean. It is shuddering to think that the U.S. invasion brought the targets into the proximity of the killers. How very true this is especially when we learn of the reality of the situation there.

How then, can such moves, be called a chosen kind of democracy for the Iraqis?President Bush’s reactions are captured on film and until now most Americans are puzzled at how he reacted upon knowing that the Twin towers had been bombed. He remained calm and continued reading to the small children where he happened to be at the time of terror. Yet, he did what he did. It also gives us ideas about what the President’s true motives really are.

Most of the facts and figures are oddly coincidental and this leave viewers with a lot of questions in their minds. This is one daring film that just tells it as it is. Viewers are free to form their opinions after the characters shown in it.

The film is very revealing indeed, and when the revelations are supported by actual footages of what Moore wanted to show, then, it tugs at the hearts of the audience. It is both sarcastic and realistic that one is dumbfounded at how one filmmaker could risk it all just to inform everyone of the true account of events. We see what real “care” and “humanity” were being exercised when Donald Rumsfeld mentions that about the choice bombing targets in Iraq. We understand how long it took for the President to react in circumstances that needed his upperhand. We are ushered in the world we do not see on television—the behind the scenes about events that make it all the more interesting and sensible.

Moore’s shots may not be all that photographic as the camera jars in a way as the shots are taken, but the point of view that the camera takes is like the viewer is right there in the scene. The Sept 2001 attack is depicted with a sensitivity that knocks one off his seat. He definitely has strong opinions of events and people and he just lets it all out here. There is flair and drama in how he shoots and presents the scenes. ( ).

There is a lot of information that one gets throughout the film and after viewing, one just feels overwhelmed by the amount of information and revelations that stirs up one’s mind. But more than that, we are left with the more serious side of it and a lot of questions that need answers.Despite the guarantees provided by the Bush administration on a lot of issues, that each individual freedom is protected, there are still instances where individual rights are bypassed as the interest of the elite is prioritized. Viewers now are more discriminating about what the information presented by media.

The President should give all societal players with an equal and viable opportunity to articulate their concerns in a sustainable manner and the value of their inputs should not be predicated on their economic power.  This approach minimizes the effects of the paradox of democracy.  It is imperative that political institutions are consistent in striking a balance between the interest of various stakeholders in the political process and the balance that can be achieved by implementing the provisions of established rules and regulation to the letter.  Overall, Moore gives us another side of the President which we do not see often.                                               Tendency to OveranalyzeIt is true that the idea of another person can influence personal decisions. And it is because of this that an individual should listen to another person’s opinion.

He can have a change of mind if he hears all sides of the equation. One way people give advice is by “providing answers” suggesting to people what they should do to solve their problems. But in the ultimate analysis, they are still the ones who will make the final decision. It is important that they hear out the people who provide the information that they may not have. Even psychiatrist Eric Berne describes this game as “Wooden Leg,” in which someone asks for advice and then turns down every suggestion offered. In this case, the person’s request for advice may actually be just a way to get attention, rather than an attempt to solve the problem.            However, it is also possible that one overanalyzes things such that there is a disconcerting tendency to just dwell on things and then no decision is arrived at.

The President may have overanalyzed the situation in Iraq, that is why he went to war there. In sum, people really do need others to help them in deciding certain things. But the responsibility in owning that decision rests completely on the one who makes the final decision.            The current situation of the United States today is very fragile when it comes to homeland security. The phantom pain that was brought about by 9/11 still haunts the people of America until today. Amidst the different moves to increase homeland security, there are some who are still skeptical about the safety of living in a land with a big bull’s eye on it.

There have been several ideas that have been entertained by the people of America. There are some who have lobbied for increased security measures in the various airlines of the country or by altering the landscaping of certain buildings in order to make them more fortified and terrorist-attack-proof. Because of the events in 9/11, it has brought itself to create the Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS) which is the organization in which effective communication of information regarding terrorist activity is prioritized.

(, 2007) The implementation of such a small and focused organization will make it easier to become more mobile and adaptable to the different situations that would arise in case of a terrorist attack. If implemented properly, it should be able to effectively educate and implement a system of resolutions for potential and actual terrorist attacks. There have even been talks about consolidating the different policing agencies into a single national police organization. However, in doing this, there is a greater chance that it will fail at what it wants to do simply because of the extent of its responsibility and the magnitude of what it wants to suppress and prevent.                                               WORKS CITEDDgs.state. 2007. TAP Terrorism Awareness and Training Retrieved March 16, 2007 from Pennsylvania Department of General Services Website: ;http://www.dgs.state.;Germain, David. Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 Wins Top Honor at Cannes Film Festival.            Retrieved March 16, 2007 at:http://www.commondreams.

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