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An organized group of criminal or in other words known a gang is a harsh and violent part of our communities which some people have to deal with for example police officers, students, and parents.  A lot of people ask why do gangs even form and how do they? And what makes a person want or have to join gang? Or what can a person benefit from being in a gang. Some of these questions have straight forward answered but some can only be theorized using Alex and Marxist theories.

The answers to why children or people join gangs is not clear but two main reason people theorize are its human natural since in some gangs, gang member benefit from one another since gangs promise many glorious things when you join just like if you were to join a VIP club is or could be because of peer pressure from student or people around them. By looking at how the community effects how people act, I strongly believe that there is evidence to support to blame of several things.

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 This includes the impact of our aissez-faire economy, hallucinogens or in other words drugs and what movie, magazines, video games and TV portray . Looking at how our aissez-faire economy, drugs and media portray. We can observe Akers’ social eruditeness principle and the Marxist theory to our query, why do gangs form in our communities? Akers’ social studying concept explores how drugs, newspapers, web sites, and TV impact humans. Akers’ social learning explanation (of why something works or happens the manner it does) states that human beings carefully study irregular behavior by means of watching/seeing/hearing/ following (orders) and learning from the social elements of their daily live . Akers additionally talks about major thoughts of differential affiliation, fake, definitions, and differential reward It says that that movement will in all likelihood produce conduct that violates social and legal regular behaviors and the individual will verify to following the one’s behavior when they spend time with/ folks that expose them to mentally ill styles while the mentally ill sample is reinforced over and yet again. Marxist’s explanation (of why something works or happens the manner it does) has (a system in which people personal cash and treasured things) the because the purpose of crime.

Marxist explanation (of why something works or happens the way it does) says that ownership of the means of production by means of the (person who uses the money to make more money) ruling class produces a(community of humans/all desirable people in the world) that is mostly in criminogenic.

The reason to why   something works or happens  is  believed  that the crimes committed are  are either  “crimes of trade (to help someone)/place to live and sleep or crimes of resistance to the (character who uses the cash to make extra cash) gadget. When scratching the surface on whats the  reasons why  gangs to form, (someone’s feeling that she or he should do sure matters to be able to be favored by using human beings of the same age) this happens when gang member being to recruit younger human beings  to join their gang , participants it will start by making join the gang sound beautiful and extraordinary.