“An Inconvenient Truth” Essay

In the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, Al Gore effectively argues, through using ethos, pathos and logos. Al Gore wanted the people to know about global warming and how we each have a hand in causing this disastrous situation. As an example the greenhouse gases that are caused by human activity and CO2. Greenhouse gases trap the sun and cause it to melt floating sea ice and killing off animals such as the polar bears that lived in this part of the region.

An “Inconvenient Truth” made significant and effective use of ethos, presenting and building the character and credibility of the speaker so that the audience would be receptive to the message. Ethos is represented when Al Gore speaks of his background. He lived both on a farm and in the city. He represents two different populations of America through those habitats. This gives him credit of knowing perspectives of different people.

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Gore’s personal history as an environmentalist from recounting his college classes to his role as senator gives us the image of a man who has found and recognized, perhaps at last, his purpose and passion in life; furthermore, this strategy also contributes to ethos. The film relied most heavily upon pathos, from the aforementioned story of his son’s accident and recovery to the masterful use of graphics. Pathos is the appeal that lives up to the truism that a picture is worth a thousand words.

The past and present photographs were very effective showing the diminished or vanishing ice caps, ice bergs, lakes, river beds. The film’s end suggesting that we can reserve the trend of global warming also relied on pathos as it flashed images of the accomplishments of the United States in the face of great adversity. Albert Gore appeals to logos by piling up deliberate evidence to further convince people about the crisis of global warming. Dynamic graphs and charts, one of which indicates the rapid change in temperature ssociating with the escalation of carbon dioxide, are displayed with movement owning to the multi-media. Also, by using time-lapse photography, striking changes in places, such as Argentina and Grinnell Glacier, are shown in photographs to prove the scientific theory that the earth has been severely affected by global warming. He uses all of these rhetorical devices and wanted the people around the world to recognize the effects of the global warming.