An group of boys accused of the

explosive documentary examines the famous criminal case that once it was called
the crime of the century: The Central
Park Five. Many people heard and remember this criminal case, but very few know
that the people who went to prison were not guilty. The documentary tells the
story of how four black and one Latino teenagers were arrested and convicted in
1989 for beating and raping a white woman in Central Park in New York City. The
coverage of the media at that time presented the adolescents as guilty and used
racially coded terms, such as “wolf pack”, to refer to the group of
boys accused of the attack. The central park five where charged for assault,
robbery, riot, rape, sexual abuse, and attempted murder.

McCray, Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam and Kharey Wise were
known in New York as the five of Central
Park. On the afternoon of April 19, 1989, a 28-year-old investment agent name
Trisha Meili, a white woman, was running through northern Central Park, in the
park at 102nd Street, Meili was dragged into the woods where she was assaulted,
and then dragged further into the woods, where the major attack upon her
occurred. Meili was found about 200 feet further side the park, near the
sidewalk. Meanwhile, Meili survived, the jogger ended having no memory of any
of the events that happen that evening.

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The most
dangerous part of the city near Harlem back on 1989, when Trisha Meili was
brutally attacked, defeated with a stone, smother, bound and raped. The rapist
gave her up for dead and when hours later they found her, Meili was senseless,
suffering from hypothermia and had serious brain impairment. From the first
moment, the New York Police Department was convinced that the perpetrators were
already detained in the precinct. The five teenagers denied having any participation
in the iniquitous acts that were committed that night. Meanwhile, while hours
were passing the five adolescences were interrogated, and cornered by the
police and ended up recognizing that they did had participation of the sexual
assault of the Central Park jogger.

In the
documentary, the mayor of New York city on 1989 
said “the New York criminal justice isn’t working” – Ed Koch,
meanig  that the crime rates are over the
top. The Journalist Jim Dwyer also said “New york in the late 1980s was a
completely schizophrenic divided city, enourmas wealth gaushing out of the rise
of the financial intrustries”.

documentary unify the process of a political pressures, racial discrimination
and the police and political extortion of the New York on the eighties. It
reveals how mayor Ed Koch, and governor Mario Cuomo, and president Donald Trump
mused the cituation of racial conflict and criticizes the carelessness of the United
States judicial system.

Donald Trump paid $85,000 to  advertised
in the newspapers the concern he had for the female jogger, one of the major
sources Trump used was the  New York
Times. The newspaper headline read was “Bring Back The Death Penalty. Bring
Back Our Police!”

the DNA retrived from the jogger Meili and the defendants they had in custody,
the  DNA tests in November, 1989 proved
that the semen from the jogger Mieli did not match any of the defendants DNA.
By all means that the central park teenager were and are inocent of suck crime.
But the D.A still wanted to convict the defendants since the D.A were influence
by the media and higher political influences.