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An organization is based on its dimension, goals, values and corporate culture. Any team or group within this organization has to adhere to these values. Managers strive to achieve the required cohesion within their group so that all tasks are performed within the appropriate time span. Which is why it is said that management and leadership must go hand in hand. Successful Companies with long-term goals usually tend to have leadership and management roles go hand in hand and not as two different things. Employees and managers must indulge in partnership where the relationship has joint commitment to success of whatever endeavor, process or project we are indulged in.

Company’s values are the foundation of its culture. In a relationship both must thrive to be responsible and trustworthy, a sense of urgency on any matters related to our customers is required.  They own problems and are always responsive and must be customer-driven, innovative and collaborative approach with partners to achieve excellence in execution and delivery must be top agenda.

On the other hand, a corporate culture is not just one aspect of the game- It is the game. According to Herb Kelleher, Chairman Southwest Airlines “Culture is what people do when no one is looking”. Hofstede’s dimensions of culture decide how a team can perform and what likely rewards can be given.In simple words, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value. Vision, Strategy, Marketing, Financial Management or any management system can set the company on the right path and can carry the company for a while.

But, no enterprise – whether in Business, Government, Education, Health Care – will succeed over the long period of time if those elements are not part of its DNA.  Before measuring the productivity, it is essential that leader does not administer them but drive these people to ever increasing level of accomplishments who are passionate about winning and create high performance culture. People should have goals in front of them and should be held accountable. Constant idea of working better, faster and doing things right than competitors along with superb execution can help develop highly productive employee’s. Commitment level which can go beyond employee-company relationship is one of the major factors of testing the individual. Tracking team member performance is important, there exists no shadow of doubt regarding the need of “Performance Management” as it is known widely around. The apparent need of feedback to help with growth and improvement of the team members is essential, but apart from that it is simply not feasible to track each footnote of every member because of constraints with respect to the perspective of business. Quantifying business performance is not an easy feat, as the classical methods of Productivity measurement no longer holds significance.

As Jeff Haden notes in an article for Inc, “measuring is important, but measuring what you need to measure and measuring it the right way is critical.” (Haden, 2013).