An hardware, software and networking capabilities Businesses rely

An information system
infrastructure is a formal meaning of the business processes and rules, systems
structure, technical application framework, and product technologies for a
business or organizational information system


There are total four layers in information
system architecture: business process architecture, technical architecture,
product delivery architecture and systems architectures

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The infrastructure of an
information system the hardware and software are used to deliver the solution
to the final prouduct of services. The architecture is a description of the
design and contents of a computerized system. If documented, the infrastructure
may include information such as a detailed inventory of current hardware,
software and networking capabilities


Businesses rely on IS
infrastructure to support business processes, decision making and competitive
strategy, Business Processes, Activities that organizations perform to achieve
business goals ,Core Processes & Supporting Processes


IS infrastructure components
include: Hardware, Software, Networks, Data, Facilities, Human resources &


Issues produced in hardware :
What technologies to choose , When to replace equipment, How to secure
infrastructure & How to assure reliability


Software enables companies to
utilize there is hardware Issues: Updates , Fixing bugs & Software licenses


Information about the road
network, address and traffic information, Functionality used for communicating
the information between the data suppliers in the data acquisition process.


Functionallity used for
communicating the information to service providers and users Standards, e.g.
the network road model, which are used to facilitate the communication of
information between different actors, business units and information systems.


The responsibilities and roles
of people, business units, organisations and institutions who supply and
distribute information, e.g. data and content suppliers.


The ISI is important for the
development and use of ITS because without such an infrastructure it will be
difficult to develop applications in an efficient way, and to get services
which contain high quality information.


The ISI is a network, a number
of information systems and communication standards.There are three important
features which characterize the ISI: Lager installed base, More complements
& Greater credibility of Enforces values to users for Further adoptions


In our company
Information Systems Infrastructure plays an important role,Our project components we cover under
computer hardware & software include the mobiles, tools cost, laptops,
servers, networks, cables, usb ports and many more, telecommunications we
require a lot of services of telecom because ours is a calling application,
database to store the daily executed reports so that anyone can access reports
through Jenkins and database and keep track of the bugs which have been raised


Keep on updating the automation
code, adding the test cases according to new App requirements, Informing the
team members regarding updates on the latest Mobile Automation technologies
& tools, Coordinate closely with IT management, team members as needed, to
ensure proper development and implementation of program and system


Therefore the subjects and my
work are co-related with each other , the following  subjects will help me in management,
budget  planning, sprint planning,
development , testing , execution, review, communications, time management, and
many more


Setting up the Devices &
Software’s that includes flashing the latest builds/image on the
mobiles(Android & IOS), setting up the server connection for the desk phones
to the network to gain the HTML access to send the commands, Setting up the
high band width router so that it can support at least 30-40 devices at a
stretch and also to avoid network breakdown while development and testing


Setting up the portable Audio
and video quality MUX boards


Signing the Mobile Application
with developer & distribution certificate and maintain them

Here in this task we connect the
IOS & Desk phone devices through cable and Android Device over ADB through
Wifi, now after the successful connection check whether devices are properly
connected through adb, ios-deploy, desk phone ip address connected from the
network to gain the HTML access and send the URL commands through web page


Now after this setting up the
high band Router by logging into the IP address of the router and changing the
settings by connecting it to the local company IP through its MAC address so
that is supports multiple device execution and so that it can handle up-to 30 –
40 devices execution at a time


As our we use Appium
to start development, here we need to write code to launch Multiple Appium
servers on different ports for example, 1 android device will be running on
4723 port and 1 IOS device will be running on 4724 port and desk phone running
on 4725


We need to find out
the App package and activity name from Device logs and launch the Application
through appium inspector and try to find each elements which you need to test
and assigned a resource id for each button , this resource id will be used for
automation purpose


information system infrastructure has lot do in our project assignments both in
hardware and software side and also networking side for logging purpose