An Overview of ‘Google Glass’ Essay


Google Glass isa wearable engineering with an optical caput mounted show (OHMD) . It is being developed byGoogle, an American transnational corporation specialisation in Internet-related services and merchandises.Google glass shows information in a smart manner like hand-free format.

Wearers communicate with the cyberspace via natural linguistic communication voice bids. It became available to public on May, 15, 2014. Monetary value of single glass was $ 1500.


The History of Google Glass.Google Announces “Project Glass”.Google Glass was developed byGoogle Ten, the installation within Google devoted to technological promotions such as driverless autos.

Google Glass is smaller and slimmer than old head-mounted show designs.The Google Glass paradigm resembled standard spectacless with the lens replaced by a head-up show. In mid-2011, Google engineered a paradigm that weighed 8 lbs ( 3,600g ) ; it is now lighter than the mean brace of dark glassess.In April 2013, the Explorer Edition was made available to Google I/O developers in the United States for $ 1,500.This is the twenty-four hours it all Begins and portions its first public postthat begins with this mission statement:“We think engineering should work for you — to be at that place when you need it and acquire out of your manner when you don’t.

Google started selling Google Glass to measure up “ Glass Explorers ” in the US on April 15, 2013 for a limited period for $ 1,500, before it became available to the populace on May 15, 2014 for the same monetary value.


The discoverer of Google glass is Sebastian Thrun.

Sebastian Thrun was born on May 14, 1967.

He is an pedagogue, coder, and robotics developer and computing machine scientist from Germany.

He is CEO and co-founder of Udacity, an establishment he cofounded with David Stavens and Mike Sokolsky.

He is a Google VP and Fellow, and a parttime Research Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University.

Thrun is besides known for his work on probabilistic scheduling techniques in robotics, with applications including robotic function.

Thrun ‘s vision for the merchandise:If the device were ever powered up, he said, it could be your “ memory. ”“ If we get to the point where this thing is ever on, and truly understand how to do it a seamless experience, ”He said, “ It would be every bit good to us separately as books have been to society. ”His logic:Armed with merely our encephalons, we ‘re icky at keeping information separately,And particularly icky when go throughing information from one coevals to the following.

Basic Functionalities:


A touch-pad is located on the side of Google glass, leting users to command the device by swiping through a clip like interface is displayed on screen.

Skiding backward shows current events such as conditions and skiding frontward shows such as phone calls, exposures, circle updates.


The adventurer version uses a liquid crystal on Silicon (LCoS) ; field-sequential colour LED illuminated show.


Google glass has the ability to take exposures and record picture.

Need for Invention:

This brace of spectacless is fundamentally your computing machine right on top of your caput.

The end is to assist do augmented world a day-to-day portion of our lives utilizing merely a bantam computing machine within the frame of the spectacless. For those of us already have oning spectacless, think of it like you can utilize your eyes to merely draw up conditions, shop specials, athleticss tonss as you’re looking at a Football bowl, or whatever you want — all while merely traveling your caput as you walk down the street.Using its half-inch show, Google says that you’ll be able to besides take and portion exposures, video-chat, cheque assignments, and entree maps and the Internet right from the device.

Old ages:

The merchandise began proving in April 2012.April 15, 2013 for a limited period time.Before it became available to the populace.As of autumn, 2014, plans for a general consumer release of Glass remain unknown.



Google Glass is a type of wearable engineering with an optical head-mounted show ( OHMD ) .It was developed by Google with the mission of bring forthing a mass-market omnipresent computing machine. Here are some of the utilizations of Google spectacless:Business Travel:Imagine this for your following concern trip: Your Google Glass screen flashes a reminder with your flight information and waies to the nearest cab.

You’re able to look into into your flight verbally during the cab drive and upgrade your place. You purchase a magazine to read on the flight, and one time you land, you get bit-by-bit instructions for going to your hotel. Meanwhile, Google Glass is matching all of your concern disbursals for accounting one time you return. Google Glass offers apps that assistance in pilotage, trip information, exigency presentments, currency transition and more. These ready to hand services ( and many others yet to be developed ) could salvage you cherished clip and energy when going for concern intents.

Presentations:There’s no demand to grope through your following presentation. For those in corporate who dread public speaking—or who merely want some help—Google Glass offers speech solutions. Google Glass apps like Your Show, Assentation and Speech Helper allow talkers to expose and command slides for presentations and position notes while talking. In the hereafter, apps may assist with address authorship and with truth as you pattern your address.

Translation and other address assistance apps are already available for usage during your presentation. With the aid of these apps, you can be certain to present first-class information at approaching conferences, conventions, and other presentations.Time Management:Like holding run intoing reminders on your phone or computing machine, Google Glass apps offer aid with meetings and assignments, which you can hold piece besides carry throughing another undertaking ( or even while holding tiffin with a friend ) . Apps besides implement the usage of popular clip direction techniques to assist you complete undertakings more expeditiously.

Businesss can utilize these apps and others to assist employees work smarter in a shorter sum of clip. Picture being able to automatically look into off points from your to-do list as you do them and holding extra aid with prioritising points based on their urgency.


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User Required:

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Technical Specification:

  • Android 4.4
  • 5-megapixel camera, capable of 720p picture recording
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth
  • 16 GB storage ( 12GB available )
  • 1GB Random-access memory


Google Glass applications are free applications built by third-party developers. Glass besides uses many bing Google applications, such asGoogle Now,Google Maps,Google+ ,andGmail.

Use of engineering:

Google Glasses look like a brace of spectacless, but the lens of the spectacless are an synergistic, smartphone-like show, with natural linguistic communication voice bid support every bit good asBluetoothandWi-Ficonnectivity. Google Glass is powered by theAndroid Mobile runing systemand compatibility with both Android-powered Mobile devices andApple Io-powered devices is expected.

Early versions and Beta TestingEarly versions of Google Glass weretitanium-framed spectacless ( that tantrum with your prescription or no prescription at all ) to demo communications from your smartphone or Google histories in the show. Google Glass was designed to take phone calls, send texts and besides take exposures and picture and present hunt consequences. The wearable computer science device is besides keyed to voice bids, for illustration to take a image you merely state “ take a image ” to capture what is in your position.


  • The first and the first advantage of Google Glasses is that it offers convenience. Users can easy direct messages without utilizing their custodies. It means even if you are driving or on the spell you will be able to direct messages with the aid of its voice text characteristic.

  • Another chief advantage of Google Glasses is that you can capture those astonishing minutes of your life in a really simple and easy manner. The picture and camera capablenesss that offered are hi-class.
  • Multiple options are made available which allows the user to utilize either voice bids or little manus gestures for operating this astonishing device. This user friendliness and freedom is one of the USPs of this undertaking.
  • There are many apps such as intelligence related and way related apps that are available and the bringing of these apps is done in a wholly advanced manner.

    Furthermore app developers can make more and more apps for this device.


  • One of the chief disadvantages of Google Glasses is that there is opportunity of breach in the privateness of the individual who is utilizing this device. The picture and camera can be misused and anybody can capture anything without allowing the other individual know about it.
  • Another chief disadvantage is the overall cost which is around $ 1500. With this much money there are many more engineering driven things that can be bought. But if the gross revenues figure additions Google might believe of cut downing its monetary value.
  • The face acknowledgment engineering can be easy misused and it might turn out to be violative for that individual.

  • Therefore you can non utilize this device everyplace that you want. From all of these points you can really good conceive of that privateness is one of the biggest issues that are being faced by Google. The company is seeking to acquire some kind of alternate but till the clip something comes put you have to utilize Google Glass as it is.


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The concluding word about Google Spectacless:

  • It is an first-class wearable device that comes with a high qualityOHMDbesides called every bit Optical head-mounted show. One of the astonishing things about this device is that you can take from four different frames and Google is seeking to come in into partnerships with major dark glassess makers such as Ray-Ban and Oakley for some more frame designs.
  • Overall it is a really nice device and is decidedly one of the extremely advanced merchandises launched by Google boulder clay day of the month. As this device can be used for different health care applications it has won legion awards. It has won “Best innovations of the twelvemonth” awarded by Times Magazine.

    Another name given to this device is called as “Digital Eye Glass” .


Google recommend for Google glass. Google entered in a partnership with the Italian eyewear companyLuxottica, proprietors of theRay-Ban,Oakley, and other trade names, to offer extra frame designs.