“An the brand and through this they become

“An effective strategy in social
media marketing is to develop good content that is easily shareable amongst
family, friends, and coworkers across individual user’s networks” (Miller, 2010).

As a result of the combination of strong engagement and shareable content, electronic
Word of Mouth is created by the consumer. Electronic Word of Mouth is important
to social media marketing practices as it increases brand awareness and comes
at no cost to the business. In that case, Word of Mouth is the result of consumers
taking part in creating the brand and through this they become brand
ambassadors who share their preferences and opinions of a product or service on
their personal social network pages. To define Word of Mouth it is
‘person-to-person communication between a perceived non-commercial communicator
and a receiver concerning a brand, product, or a service’ (Arndt, 1967). Researchers
have concluded that electronic Word of Mouth is successful in terms of social
media marketing, however it is quite hard to measure. Word of Mouth is
important to advertising campaigns because updates that come from a friend
rather than the brand itself are more likely to influence other consumers (Dahl,
2014). “Word of Mouth is vital to the pre-purchase and the post-purchase stage
as it creates a ‘ripple effect’ that prolongs spreading awareness amongst other
consumers” (Dahl, 2014). Motivations for Word of Mouth has been divided into
three categories: product-related, message content-related, and
relationship-related antecedents (Dahl, 2014). Relationship-related WOM is put
into practice when marketers encourage and remind consumers to tell others
about the product or service; very similar to referral marketing (Dahl, 2014).

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In terms of product-related electronic WOM, research carried out in 2008 by
Rossi and de Matos shows that “novelty aspects of products are found to be the
strong triggers; product originality is a major precursor to WOM found on
social networks of consumers” (Dahl, 2014). With this information, it is
important to take into account that there are different key drivers for WOM
versus electronic WOM. In the social media marketing sector, it is important
for marketers to consider and evaluate the successful drivers of electronic
word of mouth because if they use the same drivers as traditional WOM, consumers
will not engage to the full extent and as a result content will not be spread to
its full capacity. The final motivator, message-content, is the most prominent
and most used by marketers as its main goal is to capture the attention of the
consumer through the message that is being portrayed. Messages that include
credibility, usefulness, and tie an emotion to the consumer are often times
found to be the most successful when creating content on social networks of a