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Lloyds Banking Group is a taking UK based fiscal services group supplying a broad scope of banking and fiscal services, chiefly in the UK, to personal and corporate clients.

Lloyds Banking Group was formed in January 2009 following the acquisition of HBOS and Lloyds Banking Group chief concern activities are retail, commercial and corporate banking, general insurance, and life, pensions and investing proviso. The new Group besides operates an international banking concern with a planetary footmark in over 30 states.

The Group is the UK ‘s largest retail bank and has a big and diversified client base. Servicess are offered through a figure of Lloyds Banking Group good recognised trade names including Lloyds TSB, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, Scottish Widows, Clerical Medical and Cheltenham & A ; Gloucester, and via a alone distribution capableness consisting the largest subdivision web in the UK and intermediary channels.

Lloyds Banking Group is quoted on both the London Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange and is one of the largest companies within the FTSE 100

Purpose and Vision

Lloyds Banking Group intent is to construct deep ; enduring client relationships which help Lloyds Banking Group clients achieve what ‘s of import to them. Lloyds Banking Group vision is to be recognised as the best fiscal services company by stockholders, clients and co-workers. Deep, enduring relationships that help Lloyds Banking Group clients win, giving the chance to win.

Stakeholders Analysis

For Lloyds Banking Group clients: the combination of both administrations will assist us offer the best convenience, pick and expertness.

For Lloyds Banking Group co-workers: the range and graduated table of Lloyds Banking Group new company will supply exciting chances to turn and developA their calling. Lloyds Banking Group people are traveling to be critical to doing Lloyds Banking Group new administration the best it can perchance be.

For Lloyds Banking Group stockholders: as Lloyds Banking Group look beyond the close term, Lloyds Banking Group believe the strength and size of the Group will offer important chances.

In order to develop an apprehension of the positions of major stockholders, the board receives regular studies from the group finance manager and the manager of investor dealingss.

The president, the group main executive and the group finance manager besides have meetings with representatives of major stockholders and the senior independent manager besides attends some of these meetings. In add-on, all managers are invited to go to investing analysts ‘ and stockbrokers ‘ briefings on the fiscal consequences.

All stockholders are enc Lloyds Banking Group aged to go to and take part in the Group ‘s one-year general meeting.

Internal and External Audit

Internal Audit

( a ) A Monitor and reexamine the effectivity of the Group ‘s internal audit map in the context of the Group ‘s overall hazard direction system ;

( B ) A Approve the assignment or dismissal of the Group Audit Director ;

( degree Celsius ) A Review the internal audit programme and guarantee that the internal audit map is adequately res Lloyds Banking Group and has appropriate entree to information and standing within the Group ; and

( vitamin D ) A See the major findings of any important internal audit escalated to the commission by the Group Audit Director, and see direction ‘s response to Internal Audit ‘s recommendations.

The Group ‘s Relationship with its External Hearers

( a ) A Make recommendations to the Board, to be put to stockholders for blessing at the Annual General Meeting, on the assignment, reappointment and remotion of the external auditor.A The Audit Committee shall supervise the procedure for choosing the external hearer ;

( B ) A Oversee the relationship with the external hearer, including: the footings of battle of the external hearer, including the wage to be paid ;

measuring the external hearer ‘s effectivity, independency and objectiveness, guaranting that cardinal spouses are rotated at appropriate intervals ; the proviso of non-audit services by the external hearer and the related wage ;

holding with the Board a policy on the employment of former employees of the Group ‘s hearer, and supervising the execution of this policy ;

( degree Celsius ) A Review and O.K. the one-year audit program, and guarantee that it is consistent with the range of the audit battle, and coordinated with the activities of the Internal Audit map ;

( vitamin D ) A Discuss with the external hearer, before the audit commences, the nature and range of the audit and reexamine the hearer ‘s quality control processs and stairss taken by the hearer to react to alterations in regulative and other demands ;

( vitamin E ) A Review the findings of the audit with the external hearer, sing the external hearer ‘s direction missive and direction ‘s response to the hearer ‘s findings and recommendations ; and

( degree Fahrenheit ) A Review such studies prepared by the external hearer as the Audit Committee shall necessitate, sing direction ‘s response to any major external audit recommendations ;

SWOT Analysis


Here are some of Lloyds Banking Group high spots: A

More than 3,000 subdivisions across the UK

A web of over 6,800 free to utilize UK hard currency machines

The largest supplier of societal banking histories and a significant protagonist of the community finance sector.

Employ over 120,000 people in the UK, most of whom unrecorded and work in the same community

One of the UK ‘s largest community investors

?4.5 billion spent on goods and services from an estimated 30,000 suppliersA



Lloyds Banking Group respects the traditions and civilizations, and commits Lloyds Banking Group selves to obey the Torahs, regulations and ordinances, of every state in which Lloyds Banking Group operate. Lloyds Banking Group takes into history the economic Lloyds Banking Group wellbeing and societal development of communities where Lloyds Banking Group conducts concern.

Lloyds Banking Group does non do contributions to political parties.


Honesty and unity in Lloyds Banking Group dealings with clients are of paramount importance and do good concern sense – they are requirements for a successful and sustained relationship.

Lloyds Banking Group will supply and advance a scope of merchandises and services which is antiphonal to client demands and offers value for money. Lloyds Banking Group will seek ne’er to give inadequate or deceptive descriptions of merchandises or services. Lloyds Banking Group will keep the confidentiality of client information, salvage where the jurisprudence requires or permits revelation, or the client has given prior written consent.


Others rivals in the market are the menace of Lloyds Banking Group. Such as Barclays, HSBC etc.