Analysing the Performance of Vedanta Resources Essay

Vedanta resources is the first Indian company to be listed in the London stock exchange in December 2003. It is an FTSE 100 metals and mining company with its central offices located in London, UK and is India ‘s largest non – ferric company based on their grosss. The company is chiefly situated in India, although they have ownerships and operations in other locations such as Zambia and Australia. Vedanta Resources is chiefly invested in Cu, Zn, Aluminium concerns, nevertheless the company is now adding to their portfolio by diversifying into a commercial power coevals concern.

The group has experienced a important growing in recent old ages on evidences of assorted enlargements in undertakings owing to a universe category resource base incorporating Cu, Zn and Aluminium, the consequence of this being the acquisition of Sesa Goa in April 2007, which enabled them to perforate into the Fe ore market. Therefore the organisation is actively take parting in the Fe – ore, Zn, Aluminium and Cu concerns.

Vedanta has a precise vision and mission statement, vision being to be clear and committed so that they might go the market leaders in the non- ferric market section and their mission is to be a low cost, million-ton per annum manufacturer, the ultimate end nevertheless is to do the company a success, gratuitous to state that such a mission will surely set India on a planetary competitory platform, in the metals and excavation section.

The company has continuously demonstrated that they are able to convey – in undertakings that are of high significance thereby lending odd growing at minimal pricing while guaranting high returns to all their stockholders. Besides, the organisation makes certain that they meet the high conservative criterions that are set, so that indefensible Numberss are non shown in their balance sheets.

Vedanta Resources trades with a diverse portfolio of excavation and metals concern as they make available high returns to their stockholders even as they make certain that they are socially and environmentally accountable, as the direction keeps path of their employees wellness and safety, community issues and of their milieus.

Several of Vedanta Resource ‘s operations are authorized by International Management Systems Standard ISO 14001, cogent evidence of it being the many awards won by the company such as Recognition of Commitment Award from the Institute of Internal Auditors, USA in 2005, Vedanta Resources being the lone fabrication company out of a sum of four Indian companies to hold of all time received this award, non to advert the legion safety and environment awards.

To cite the president of Vedanta Resources, Mr.Anil Agrawal ‘India is a fast-emerging and attractive resource finish, and we believe our scheme and concern aims will tackle India ‘s high-quality wealth of mineral resources at low costs of development, positioning it as a leader on the planetary metals and excavation map. ‘


Vedanta is an emerging transnational pudding stone with many abroad operations. Its organisational construction is a complex 1 with many subordinates, regulating board and a direction commission. The regulating board consists of executive and non executive managers. The executive board of managers consists of Mr. Anil Agarwal, Mr. Navin Agarwal and Mr. M S Metha. Mr. Anil Agarwal founded the company and is taking the company as the executive president. Mr. Navin Agarwal is the deputy executive president of Vedanta and looks after the corporate concern scheme and responsible for overall public presentation and growing. He besides heads the executive commission. Mr. M. S. Metha is the main executive officer of Vedanta. He joined the pudding stone in the twelvemonth 2000 and antecedently was working at Lloyds Steel Industries.

The non executive board consists of Mr. Naresh Chandra, Mr. Aman Metha and Mr.Euan Macdonald. Mr. Naresh Chandra was a Padma Vibhushan award victor from the Government of India and he is an Indian Administrative Service officer. He joined the group in 2004 after keeping many esteemed places in India. Aman Metha besides joined the group in 2004. Before that he was the CEO of HSBC. Euan Macdonald was the president of SBC Warburg India and specializes in emerging market finance.

The direction commission is lead by Mr. Navin Agarwal and consists of:

























Vedanta Resources plc. is the parent company with many subordinates runing in different sectors in different names. Vedanta has involvements in five chief concerns. Each concern is operated by one of its subordinate. Below is the Vedanta resources plc ‘s group tree.

Copper Business:

Copper concern are run and operated by Sterlite Industries ( India ) Limited, Konkola Copper Mines Plc and Copper Mines of Tasmania, nevertheless, Vedanta holds 53.9 % , 79.4 % and 100 % bets severally and direction control in the above companies. The entire Cu concern has an one-year production of 678,412 dozenss and generates gross of $ 4,012 million. The terminal merchandises are the Continuous Cast Rods and Copper Cathodes. Copper from the Cu mines are smelted utilizing ISA procedure, one of the universe ‘s taking engineering in Cu smelting. They have the latest version of CS 3000 Distributed Control System of Yokogawa from Japan to command the full Cu smelter.

Aluminum Business:

Bharat Aluminium Company Limited ( BALCO ) and Vedanta Aluminium Limited ( VAL ) are responsible for Aluminium concern. Aluminum concern has a entire production capacity of 500,000 dozenss per annum. Vedanta has the commanding bets of 70.5 % in VAL and Sterlite, the subordinate of Vedanta owns a interest of 51 % and exercises direction control. Presently the Aluminium concern is under vigorous enlargement and by 2012 it would go top five Aluminium manufacturers in the universe. The company produces metallurgical class aluminum oxide and Aluminium metal bars, notes and bars used for doing coachs. The Aluminium smelter used the advanced proficient specifications of British Standard Institute ( BSI ) . The company has bagged OHSAS 18001 enfranchisement for good wellness and protection criterions. VAL unit has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications for quality production and direction patterns. These Aluminium composites besides have integrated power workss in them.

Zinc concern:

Zinc concern is entirely owned and operated by Hindustan Zinc limited ( HZL ) . Vedanta ain 64.9 % of portion capital in HZL. It has an one-year production of 9,64,000 dozenss of Zn that generates gross of $ 1,782 million. HZL is the universe ‘s incorporate 2nd largest manufacturer of Zinc and Lead. Apart from Zinc and Lead the works besides produces Silver, Cadmium and generates power. Silver and Cadmium are obtained as a by-product of Lead and Zinc metal severally. The equity portions of HZL are traded at the Indian stock exchange. The metals are refined and sold harmonizing to their quality.

Iron ore concern:

The whole Fe ore concern is operated by its subordinate Sesa Goa limited. Vedanta has a commanding interest of 57.1 % . The company makes Fe ore, hog Fe and metallurgical coke. The company has a production capacity of 21.4 million dozenss of Fe ore mulcts and balls which generates gross of $ 1221.7 million. Apart from these they besides sell the in-house engineering for coke devising. They found new engineering utilizing vibro – compression to stabilise coal before utilizing in the furnace for firing. Sesa Goa ‘s mines have ISO position for good direction criterions and safety.

Commercial Power Generation concern:

This is a new concern venture for Vedanta group and is run by its subordinates Sterlite Energy Limited ( SEL ) and Madras Aluminium Company Limited ( MALCO ) . SEL is a 100 % subordinate of Sterlite Industries Ltd. As of now the extra power from its assorted workss are sold. Specialized commercial power coevals workss are being set up in India. By the terminal of 2011 the power workss would go to the full operational. Two workss are being set up with a combined coevals of 4380MW per twelvemonth.


Corporate Scheme

Since its incorporation in 1976, Vedanta has been really successful in its operations. The current turnover of company is $ 7931 million. The success can be owed to the corporate scheme of Vedanta which can be explained as follows:

Organic Development:

This includes developing organisation ‘s ain capablenesss. It is done by doing utilizing of latest engineering for fabrication procedures ; distributing investings over a clip, embarking the range of entry in new markets, analysing the ability of the company to come in them and so come in into such markets.

Latest Technology for Mining & A ; Smelting Operationss: Vedanta has been making it by utilizing extremely advanced engineering for fabrication and designing. This helps in cut downing the production costs and thereby deriving advantage to vie in the market. For e.g. The Sesa Goa ‘s squad did a elaborate experimentation affecting surveies on the temperature profile of the oven and redesigning the furnace linings. Followed by the systematic works tests, it developed ‘energy recovery coke doing ‘ , an environment-friendly engineering that is characterized low capital and operating cost, high energy recovery and capable of bring forthing high quality metallurgical coke.

Implementing cost decrease techniques: Vedanta has signed long-run contracts with providers of natural stuffs. This non merely reduces production costs but besides histories for the uninterrupted handiness of resources without acquiring affected by market fluctuations.

Establishing Brownfield and Greenfield Projects: These organize a really of import consideration for a excavation industry. Brownfield undertakings are abandoned sites that are available for industrial or commercial reuse. The development or enlargements of such land is more hard owing to taint by earlier usage. Greenfield undertakings are the 1s which lack any restraints imposed by anterior work. There is no demand to pulverize or reconstruct the construction. Vedanta has been puting in Brownfield and Greenfield undertakings for enlargements. A 1.4 mtpa aluminum refinery undertaking at Lanjigarh and an aluminum smelter of capacity 500,000 tpa both in province of Orissa, India are few of the Greenfield undertakings launched by the company.

Entry in New Market: Besides the company has now ventured into Commercial Power Generation. It recognised the enormous range in the industry for commercial power coevals, in India. It has hence started commercial power coevals workss in Chhattisgarh and Orissa. Besides these workss are locates at strategic places, chiefly in the coal rich zones of India, thereby easing conveyance and easy handiness of coal.

Consolidation of Group Structure:

As shown above, Vedanta has many subordinates like KCM, Sterlite Industries India Ltd, Sesa Goa Ltd etc. Although it has the Keeping Stocks and direction control over all these, some of the bets are owned by private investors. Vedanta is invariably seeking to buyback it stock and purchase portions of all its subordinates. This would assist in a amalgamate group construction. The chief advantage of it is ease in the direction determinations.

Amalgamations and Acquisitions:

Since 2004, the Vedanta Resources had merely one acquisition boulder clay day of the month by geting the Madras Aluminium Co Ltd. While taking interest into consideration the Vedanta resources taken over 5 companies till finalisation of balance sheet for 2010. Acquisitions include Konkola Copper Mines Plc. in 2004 and portion in 2009 with a sum of 79.4 % interest, following Sterlite Gold Ltd and Finsider International Co Ltd both in the twelvemonth 2007. Furthermore, the company acquired about 25.8 % by the outstanding common portions of Sterlite Gold on a fully-diluted footing. Besides the company acquired Finsider International Co Ltd. Fully from a Nipponese company called Mitsui & A ; Co at around USD 981 million. In the twelvemonth 2009 the company acquired 51 % of Sesa Goa Ltd, India ‘s largest producer-exporter of Iron-Ore in the private sector at INR 4070 Crore.

Now, the Vedanta Resources are be aftering to get 60 % interest in Crain India Company. The Cairn India is a taking participant in Oil and Gas industry in India. Furthermore, Crain India is one the biggest private geographic expedition and Production Company presently runing in India. Edinburgh based Crain Energy is keeping a sum of 62.37 percent interest in Crain India. Harmonizing to the trade the Crain Energy will sell its interest to Vedanta Resources Plc for the trade sum of USD 9.6 billion at 405 INR per portion.

Successful acquisition of KCM, MALCO, Sterlite Gold Ltd and Sesa Goa has added significant growing to the Vedanta as a whole. They are continue looking for a new growing and acquisition chances in the metal and excavation sector and related chances in India and elsewhere. They are taking all these stairss by maintaining authorities denationalization programmed in head.






































Political & A ; Legal:

As minerals are a state ‘s wealth, the excavation industry operates under the immense cloud of political and legal force per unit area. Chiefly they are province owned or nationalized and involves a big and complicated procedure for licensing. The industry is really much regulated by governmental jurisprudence that chiefly focuses on labor and environmental factors. In the recent yearss, the increasing concern for environmental issues has made the authorities to supercharge the excavation policies. Upon this the media focal point is still more an added force per unit area for the excavation industry. Even though the authorities ‘s policies are chiefly aimed to protect the resources but they besides encourage exports by giving subsidies and promote new engineering developments.


Mining is an industry that requires really high capital investing. Therefore, involvement rates make a major impact. Not all states are rich in sedimentations of minerals ; hence excavation by and large involves import and export of merchandises. The exchange rates fluctuations are a dominant concern. The import revenue enhancements and international trade rhythm are besides of import economic factors for the excavation industry.


Bing an industry that impacts the environing environment in countries of its operation, the support of the local community is of the most of import and implicit in factors for excavation. Mining, though, a resource based industry, can non be carried out in countries of high population because of the concerns that it may impact the public wellness. Mining has besides been under the scanner of assorted militant groups over the recent old ages. The industry therefore has besides been pulling uninterrupted media attending. Vedanta has been pulling a batch of media attending late over ESG issues.


The procedure involved in the excavation industry right from the natural stuff transit still export involves hazardous procedure. In those conditions the Torahs prevent the usage of human resources that make the excavation industry to a great extent dependent on engineering. Recently the mines are utilizing computerized machines that operates harmonizing to its plan and automated conveyer belts to make its specified finish i.e. seaport or warehouse. But still the belowground excavation relies chiefly on human resource due to its complicated nature of excavation.


Mining is an industry that affects and makes a negative impact on the environment during and after the procedure. Therefore any excavation activity has to travel through a figure of clearances and ordinances refering the environment. Almost all states demand an probe of its impact on the environment before any activity can get down.

Porters 5 Forces ANALYSIS

The undermentioned diagram gives the 5 Forces Analysis for Vedanta Resources:

Menace of New Entrants: The menace of new entrants to Vedanta is really low. This is chiefly because of high capital investings required. The limited resources in excavation and the costs of geographic expedition, the assorted authorities Torahs, the equipment required, extra costs incurred in rehabilitation of people populating at mining sites etc all make it hard for new entrants to venture in this industry.

Menace of Substitutes: The menace of replacements besides is low. This is chiefly because metals are required fundamentally for all types of fabrication industries as an input. Even if permutation is considered, it has limited range. Besides the price/performance ratios of Fe, aluminum etc is low, doing the menace of replacements even less.

Dickering Power of Suppliers: The providers include the providers of natural stuffs required, that of equipment etc. There are really few providers and therefore their bargaining power is high. Besides the cost of exchanging providers is high doing it hard to make so. Vedanta has entered into long term contracts with their providers, therefore cut downing the costs. It besides ensures that Vedanta acquire supply of goods without being affected by market fluctuations.

Dickering Power of Buyers: This is low as the demand of the metals and metal merchandises is really high. Besides exchanging costs are high as the costumiers usually have contracts with the company.

Competitive Competition: Some of the rivals of Vedanta Group are Rio-Tinto, BHP Billiton Ltd, Grupo-Mexico, Hindalco etc. The competition is intense as every participant is seeking for their market portion as the resources are going restricted and limited.

SWOT Analysis:

A complete SWOT analysis of Vedanta Resources plc would supply a clear and indifferent strategic analysis of the company ‘s strengths and failing and possible chances and menaces, this kind of analysis helps the concern in understanding its spouses, clients and rivals better.

Strength: The strength can be determined by the fact that the company has assets that are planetary with regard to both graduated table and size ; their low cost of production which makes the group competitory among its equals and the accomplishment and experience that are incorporated in the nature of their assets is of high quality. Their recent growing in volume and the many steps that the group have taken in cut downing costs has increased their hard currency flow well ; The Company understands the fact that it is of import to keep a low purchase by enabling equal liquidness and run intoing all their fiscal duties, possessing a strong vision, doing strategic acquisitions and holding an ability to believe in front. They besides understand the value of their employees which is a competitory advantage as it ‘s non easy consistent like engineering and the fact that they strive for excellence has merely increased their strength.

Failing: Poor trade name direction, non giving importance to selling of the company, maintaining soundless while a drove of people impeaching the company has increased problem for the company. Therefore, the company must do all attempts in order to rectify the job before they run out of concern and demand to restrict their operations.

Opportunity: The chances for the group are many, success in the group will let the company to vie globally. Several attempts are made by the company with regard to enlargement of the company and growing and this can be clearly seen in the group on holding acquired Sesa Goa, which makes it possible for the company to perforate through the Fe ore market and by doing strategic determinations, will vouch that Vedanta Resources victory.

Menace: The possible menaces as reported by The Independent intelligence paper is the fact that the human rights protestors that stood outside the company ‘s edifice in their embodiment costumes, outshone the company ‘s achievements which is a major menace to the company ‘s image. The endorsing out of the Church of England ; merely six months after researching into the company or Aviva who is one of their angels, who voted against them in three declarations in board meeting which they attended. Vedanta nevertheless, denies the rumours refering the pollution of Lanjugarh, or any breach in human rights, the invasion of land in Nyamgiri Hills in Orissa and any other accusals that have been made against the company and they continue to contend any allegations made against the group. Although the rumours are catching their defensive base and is doing a serious dent to the Vedanta Group ‘s image. ( The Independent, 2010 )


Established mines

Modern machinery

Ware houses in seaports


Corporate offices

Low cost preparation

Limited labour

Management control

In house

Performance fillip

Conveyer belts

Integrated system




Own mines




Low cost

Quality Training, Own Raw stuff

Technologically updated machinery, Fully automated, Computer controlled

Direct contracts

No publicity, supply – led

Low cost, High productiveness

Competitive Advantage:

In footings of the competitory advantages for Vedanta resources Plc, First, they have a excavation site located where the handiness of natural resources is high. Their production is done on the footing of the handiness of the natural stuff. As the natural resources are extremely available, the supply of the natural stuff and the cost of production can be low, and the cost of capital can be divided to prolong it in the current market.

The natural stuff in the industry is nil but the resources held by the group and as they located where there is a rich beginning of natural resources, non to advert the handiness of inexpensive labor at their excavation site which consequences in Vedanta holding a low cost of production per unit taking the company to win an award for the low cost of production in twelvemonth 2007. Culture of the society where there are located, is besides good known by them so the accommodation to the market environment would non be an issue puting the company is a really advantageous place

The company has besides started their operations in power production unit. They had produced the power sufficient plenty for their production and the extra production was sold out and this resulted to the investing in a power coevals works. Now they have obtained blocks for 112.2 million dozenss with the ministry of coal. They have signed a contract with Chhattisgarh authorities for the interested thermal and coal power coevals works for 1200 MW power capacity.

India is 5th largest in the universe for the bauxite with the modesty about of 2,600 million tones and for the coal militias and for Fe ore it is 6th. The most of the excavation and smelting site for Vedanta resources are in India. This is advantageous for possible growing in the farther prospective for the company.

The undermentioned chart gives a position on where Vedanta stands in their part to the universe:

Name of the company


% of Total end product



5.6 %

Anglo American

United Kingdom

3.9 %

Newmont Mining

United States

1.0 %

Vedanta Resources

United Kingdom

0.7 %



0.5 %

Beginning: World Bank


For Vedanta the nucleus competency of their concern scheme is developing low cost, with cheap skilled and educated labor. ( Business Standard, 2008 ) In the excavation industry, the high costs are to make with the investing in geting a excavation site and costs need for production. However, Vedanta has reduced its cost of production owing to their location, which is rich in natural resources. The current production for the Aluminium is 1.4 mtpa which is planned to be increased by 6,00,000 tpa to make is entire production of 2 mtpa. The company aims at puting $ 9.8 Billion by which they will be the fifth excavation company for Aluminium metal.


In the contemporary concern scenario, Corporate Social duty ( C.S.R. ) and sustainability have become a really high-profile docket in many states and industries. Therefore, due to the nature of its concern, Corporate Social Responsibility is a reasonably confound and complicated issue for Vedanta Resources Plc. The company has rather a assorted record on the societal duty forepart. However, the company has made certain valorous attempts to carry on their concern in a socially responsible mode.

Vedanta ‘s current C.S.R. docket acknowledges the responsible direction of the Environmental, Community, Health and Safety and Employee issues with regard to all of their operations. The company ‘s Health, Safety and Environment ( H.S.E ) direction model administers the healthy and sound direction of its operations. Harmonizing to its current docket, the company aims to cut down the impact of its activities on the environment. Efficient ingestion of energy and H2O and usage of recycled stuffs is one of its chief motivations. It has taken enterprises through its subordinates to carry through its motivations.

Bing a excavation company, the wellness and safety of its employees and the community is a nucleus concern for Vedanta. The company has a Health and Safety direction model and policies in topographic point, which aim to guarantee a riskless environment for its employees. Vedanta has besides taken attempts to back up and heighten the local community in the countries of their operations. Sterlite Foundation is financially supported by the group, which provides free computing machine preparation to the immature under-privileged people. The company has besides made several parts and contributions to the community. For illustration being the contribution of US $ 1.1 million to the Rajasthan drouth alleviation fund, through its subordinate – H.Z.L.

Despite doing certain attempts to carry on its concern in a socially responsible mode, Vedanta has been engulfed in a web of allegations refering this issue over the last few old ages. The company has been under huge unfavorable judgment for holding a hapless human rights and environmental record by assorted militant groups and governments. A human rights group called Amnesty International, has criticized and raised the issue of sick intervention of the local tribal people by Vedanta in the Niyamgiri hills in Orissa, India. Various other militant groups have besides accused Vedanta and its subordinates of endangering the support of the community residing in and around the countries of its mines. This besides led to recent public presentations and protest against the company worldwide. However, the company has maintained a stance that, it would move in a responsible mode and that the proposed undertaking will merely heighten the community as a whole in the peculiar country.

Vedanta ‘s Alumina refinery at Lanjigarh in Orissa, India, has besides been critiqued by the State Pollution Control board in India for air and H2O pollution. Amnesty International has accused Vedanta of neglecting to control the impact created by its refinery of air pollution on the local community. The company is besides facing probes and charges sing pollution because of its undertaking in Armenia. This is another issue that has been raised by assorted militant groups.

The company has besides failed to keep a clear wellness and safety record late. Separate incidents have darned its repute refering safety attempts. An under building chimney at its smelter in Chhattisgarh, India collapsed doing decease of more than 40 workers and employees. The company has besides been accused of safety carelessness as its insecure excavation operations have led to deceases of more than 25 workers and employees and hurts to 100s of others in 2007.

The contentions, hapless human rights and environmental allegations have caused a batch of socially responsible investors to deprive from the company. After protests by Survival International – a human rights group sing the Orrisa issue, the Church of England sold its interest worth 3.75 million lbs in Vedanta resources on the footing of ethical evidences. The Church stated that “ we are non satisfied that Vedanta has shown, or is likely in future to demo, the degree of regard for human rights and local communities that we expect of companies in whom the Church puting organic structures hold portions, ” The Scots investing house Martin Carrie Investments besides sold its interest worth more than 2 million lbs following protest from militant groups.

Other responsible investors like the Swedish Government, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, Dutch investing house PGGM and a few others have joined the bandwagon of divesting from the company following its hapless recent societal record. The BP Pension fund has besides reduced its portion following similar concerns. The UK and Norse authoritiess have besides condemned the company. The disinvestment by stockholders has been a major concern for Vedanta as it surely threatens to impact its growing.

On 24th August 2010, the Indian authorities blocked the company ‘s proposal for a new mine in India avering Vedanta of holding a hapless human rights and environmental record. India ‘s Environment curate stated, “ There is no emotion, no political relations, no bias… I have taken the determination in a strictly legal attack, that these Torahs are being violated ” . This has been a major blow for Vedanta as it was be aftering to put more than 5 billion lbs in the Niyamgiri undertaking.

The company has besides been alleged of charges of graft in Chennai, India for the reopening of a mill that was shut down due to a major accident. Sterlite, a subordinate of Vedanta was slapped with revenue enhancement notice of more than 44 million lbs by the India Excise section in 2010 while a few other legal misdemeanors have besides tarnished the company ‘s image.

All the recent allegations and contentions in the recent times resulted in a negative image for the company. Its stock rose enormously by more than 200 % from April 2009 to April 2010 but after the recent allegations and concerns over disinvestment by investors, the stock has been a crisp diminution. Therefore, the issue of corporate societal duty has surely made an impact on its growing late and could besides be a cause of concern if the company does non follow new schemes to better its CSR record. Vedanta must resuscitate its CSR docket to clear up investor concerns. The company has nevertheless claimed that it aims decide all the issues sing the allegations and purpose to enrich and authorise the community wherever they operate.

Undertakings Under Scrutiny

Lanjigarh Bauxite Mine

Lanjigarh Smelter

Chhattisgarh Chimney Collapse

Chennai Factory



In decision Vedanta Resources is India ‘s largest non-ferrous metal and excavation company based on gross. This FTSE-100 company has a strong balance sheet with hard currency and liquid investing of $ 7.2 billion and has hard currency in surplus of $ 7.0 billion. Furthermore, it ‘s the lone Indian fabrication company listed at London Stock Exchange. They are working with work force of 30,000.

The analysis shown above surely explains the success of Vedanta Resources in mining industry. This success can be enormously owed to its corporate scheme. However there are still some bugs in the scheme. This is apparent by the SWOT analysis, so besides the effects on its concern as an wake of its weak corporate societal duty. Therefore it is apparent that their current corporate scheme is non sustainable. Although due consideration has been given in plus optimisation, cut downing costs and thereby deriving net incomes ; Vedanta has non given due consideration to the menace posed by its rivals. If any of the rivals enter India, for mining so Vedanta would non be able to last. Furthermore their corporate societal duty has been missing ; this has badly affected their Brand-name, a really of import factor in today ‘s market. It has besides resulted in reduced market portion and backdown from many of their investors like Church of England. Therefore certain alterations have to be made in their current corporate scheme.

First of wholly, the company should give due consideration to its Social Responsibility, it should supply rehabilitation installations to people, who have lost their lands due to mining activities. It should supply safety and security steps for their workers. It should besides come with policies that are in conformity with the human right and environment. All this would add up with Brand Image of the company. It should seek to better dealingss with Indian authorities. It should besides seek and recover the investors who have backed out and at the same time seek to acquire new one time. As holding good established in India, Vedanta should now seek to spread out its base in Zambia, Australia and rest parts of the universe through amalgamations and acquisitions. ( Vedanta Resources, n.d. )


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