Analysis Essay

Pits’ purpose is to point out that marketers believe we are idiots in order for readers to see why “idiot warnings” were created. He establishes a disappointing and sarcastic tone for his readers to disapprove and laugh with him. Pits opens up his article with the question “How stupid are you? ‘ to introduce the topic and foreshadowing examples on how you might be stupid if you need “idiot warnings” to be advised if something is good to do or not. He asks his readers to post items that have “idiot warnings” as used in a chainsaw ad with the warning “Do not attempt to top chain with your hands. Marketers believe we are idiots because of how we mankind are now portrayed. Not only does he show us the ads that have “idiot warnings” on them he also compares us to “an average supermodel” to see how stupid we are. He does this because supermodels are stereotypically dumb or can’t think for themselves. He admits that he was rude in the beginning but that only because he is annoyed on how we are considered being mindless and he doesn’t want to offend his readers. Pits changes his first claim to “Corporate America is to blame because they have damaged the unman species”.

This is because he admits that if Corporate America had never put “idiot warnings” then the dumb will be eliminated and the smart will dominate the world. All of this is based on the theory of Charles Darwin of natural selection where the strong survive and the weak die. Therefore, if Corporate America would get rid of “idiot warnings” the weak would die and leave the earth with all of the smart humans in the world. That would be his solution to his second claim. But since Corporate America had let “idiot warnings” be added the weak have also survived.

So, the reason marketers e us as “idiots” its because of the dumb citizens who do not have common sense. The final argument Pits makes is that stupidity is spreading throughout the whole world. He says and quote “Stupidity is spreading like kudzu”. Meaning that stupidity is a synonym to weeds, how they are unwanted and despised. Plus, they grow out of nowhere. Pits’ last sentence “l offer the proposal… That the federal government supply every man, woman, and child with… A Superman suit. ” This sentence was to give everyone a superman suit to see all the idiotic people eliminate themselves from the population.

This is his solution to this problem. Pits’ changed his claim many times throughout his article. He started from supporting his claim, to blaming Corporate America, and finally to his “solution” on ridding the earth of idiot beings. Not only did his claim change but also his tone. At the beginning of the article his tone was annoyance but throughout the article it had became a more sarcastic tone. Pits’ overall claim is that the world is full of stupid people whether we like it or not and we can either blame Corporate America or we can just to live with it.