Analysis of Holcomb, Kansas Essay

LeeJeni Veazey 04-08-2013 Truman Capote Truman Capote spent a few years writing the non-fiction book “In Cold Blood.

” The book is about a family that was killed in an area where no one would even begin to think something like that could happen. This is essay is an analysis of an excerpt from that book. Truman Capote views this town just the way it is described; small, quiet, innocent. He conveys this in all of the details and descriptions he gives in this essay.He describes the town in a way the reader can relate to and get a clear mental picture of Holcomb, Kansas. The speaker from this essay is Truman Capote. He tells about the scene of these murders through the language of formal Standard English.

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He uses a formal language and an educated diction. The essay is told in a third person point of view in a sort of descriptive and narrative mode. The occasion of this story is to be a part of the non-fiction novel. It describes the setting of the town in which the murder of a family takes place.This essay uses the appeal of pathos.

It makes the reader feel empathy towards anyone that was close to them or knew them in anyway. The purpose of this essay was to describe the rural town of Holcomb, Kansas. The area is described in a descriptive tone that makes the reader feel like they are actually there. Capote uses such great imagery the reader can actually picture what the area actually looks like and can get a feel of why the situation was so shocking to the people of the area.The area is described is quiet, remote, isolated, and small.

The reader gets the feel that nothing bad is ever expected to go wrong in this small, innocent town. Nothing bad has ever happened, and there is no one around that would ever cause such a bad thing to happen to them. As mentioned earlier, this essay calls the reader’s pathos appeal. Capote’s selection of detail leads you to feel sorry for all those involved or had anything to do with the Clutter family. His selection of detail shows no ope for the men who committed this crime.

The essay has the structure of describing the town in sections. One area is described, the he moves on the next area. This helps with the imagery and the reader gets a better picture of what the town looks like and how small it is. Truman Capote showed his views of Holcomb, Kansas through the descriptions he gave in this essay. His writing proved that he felt this town was a place that no one would ever begin to think something bad would ever happen.