Analysis on Mother Tongue Essay

Analysis Paper One The essay is mainly about the writer’s own reflection and judgment about how broken English compared to Standard English. Sense Amy Tan knows many languages that her mother does not, this skill give Amy more power over her mother in the knowledge using literacy. It is also an essential key in enabling herself to establish and define her dimensions of other identities and types of languages.

According to Amy she did not realize how we use different languages or different tones when we are engaging in conversation with others. When you are talking with friends or close family you would use different dialect or slang, then if you were talking to your boss or teacher. In her essay “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan discusses the relationship between language, literacy, and its power.

I think one of the main points of the story was that words are more than just words, in my own opinion, sometimes you have to look behind them and read in between to understand the true meaning. For example, her mother did not speak perfect English, but the points and ideas she was trying to get across are what really were important. When she said that standard tests can’t determine how smart someone is she is trying to say how people have different ways of thinking and different types of brainpowers.

Some experiences that I had that were similar to Mrs. Tan, was learning the English language as a second language. This story reminds me of my own mother. It’s true how some people take advantage of her just because her English isn’t perfect. But when I listen to her English, I can perfectly understand what she is saying. It’s not broken, it’s just different. It just sounds different because she has a different way of thinking, because she’s use to thinking in terms of the Russian/Ukraine language.