Analysis On The Sendan Company Computer Systems Computer Science Essay

The name of the company where I am traveling to make my undertaking is the Sendan Company which was established in the twelvemonth 1992. It is located in the province of Befee-Tajura, Libya. It is distributer of beta quality tools here in Libya. It is one of the most successful and good known whole over the state in selling assorted sorts of manus tools and safety issues. I chose this concern because it is extremely demanded by many building companies, oil field companies and besides by local workshops and clients etc. We gross revenues assorted sort tools of cutting tools, impact twists, reversible twists, torsion twists, assorted type of plyerss, cocks, safety boots, bib bloomerss, overalls, safety jackets etc.

The jobs which the company faced in the beginning were due to miss of modern or non advanced techniques which caused many inefficient during work hours.

The company edifice is of two floors i.e. land floor which is used as both Beta slow room and resellers, and the 1st floor which is used as chief office. The land floor consisted of six computing machines and one pressman for staffs. Where the 1st floor consisted of eight computing machines, one pressman and one waiter. Two personal computer s for finance section, one for shop incharger, two for aid, one laptop for secretary, one for General Manager and the other is sever for Administrator section. The diagram shown below consisted of two LANs, one Local area network on the land floor and the other on the first floor. It is a diagram of same constructing holding beta show room with resellers and the chief office. The operating system utilizing on all computing machines is Windows 7 except the chief waiter is utilizing Windows NT. The computing machines are connected with chief waiter by utilizing leased ( dedicated ) lines.



There are 13 computing machines, one waiter, and two pressmans in the company. In the past old ages before the computing machines were inverted, staffs has faced many jobs, i.e.

All computations in the accountant section have to be done by staffs itself.

Keeping of all records besides has to be done by staffs.

Making of bill has to be done by staffs itself by manus composing which have no options of redacting and wipe outing, even these immense sum of information may be lost.

New thought and new engineerings makes everything easy and efficient. So that the company starts coming frontward and came with a new innovation mundane and among that one of the greatest innovations by our invertors was the computing machine which solved all the jobs of company ‘s staffs and reduced the load of their work and even saves clip. In the beginning of the twelvemonth 2000, the company purchases six computing machines and one pressman in the land floor ( Beta show room ) and eight computing machines and one pressman in the 1st floor for office staffs ( Main Office ) .

But the staffs still face jobs i.e.

The staffs still unable to have information from pull offing manager.

Any package or updates of package and database has to be done many times on each computing machine.

The staffs of reseller still can non acquire the information of the handiness of points in the shop straight. They used telephone line to cognize all this information.

Besides for directing of pro-forma bills, the staff uses transit which is dearly-won and clip ingestion.

These seems that the company ‘s staffs still confronting inefficient engineerings and the cost for all the operations like utilizing telephones, facsimile machines, pressmans are really high this will do the company to endure a batch.

Therefore the company decided to do web system across the Show room and chief office and I am traveling to make my undertaking ( Networking ) in this company.

1.3 ) Aim:

Following are the aims of networking.

Sharing Information ( information )

Through networking staffs are connected together, that means they can portion any sort of paperss or files they need. Alternatively of put ining the same package or files on each computing machine, they can portion that merely by put ining it one time on decision maker ‘s computing machine or waiter. This saves clip and the cost to put in on each computing machine. Through web staffs can easy direct messages to any of his employee and can inquire the employee to work on it.

Centralizing Administration & A ; Support

Through networking decision maker can command the on the job operation in the office. It is a centralised or head computing machine who can now maintain an oculus on each and every staffs working under him, He can go through orders and look into the updates.

Sharing Hardware & A ; Software

Through web staffs can portion merely one pressman, facsimile machines etc. In the networked environment. This solves the job of attaching device like pressman to each person computing machine which is much dearly-won.

To Reduce The Cost & A ; Budget:

By networking, the cost of all the devices used is reduced by utilizing merely one device alternatively of two or more. Now it is non necessary to utilize same devices in every room, but everyone can utilize merely a individual device. e.g. Printer.


2.1 ) Topology AND DIAGRAM FOR LAN-1 AND LAN-2:







Printer linking to the waiter

Router linking to telephone line

Server linking to the Hub-2

Hub-2 connecting to the Router

Personal computer ‘s are linking to the Hub-2


Topology Used: Star Topology


In a waiter based web ( 1ST FLOOR ) , there are computing machines set up to be primary suppliers of services such as file service or mail service. The computing machine supplying the service are called waiter and the computing machines that request and use the service are called client computing machines. In the first floor there are 7 client computing machines and one waiter.

A server-based web maintains the “ waiter ” as the director of the web, with all nodes connected to the waiter, whether connected to a hub in a star or coach layout. In this manner, the waiter can house and administer package, file sharing, file economy, allotment of pressmans, facsimile machines, modems, and other communicating connexions. A server-based web can besides be set up utilizing the coach layout.

The waiter acts as an arbiter ; each node negotiations to the waiter when bespeaking information, so the waiter locates the information either internally or on the affiliated clients and sends the information to the bespeaking client.

In the star topology, overseas telegram sections from each computing machine are connected to a centralised constituent called a hub. The diagram on the old page shows eight computing machines including a waiter and a hub connected in a star topology. Signals are transmitted from the sending computing machine through the hub to all computing machines ( clients ) on the web. This topology originated in the early yearss of calculating when computing machines were connected to a centralized mainframe computing machine.

The star web offers the advantage of centralised resources and direction. However, because each computing machine is connected to a cardinal point, this topology requires a great trade of overseas telegram in a big web installing. Besides, if the cardinal point fails, the full web goes down.

If one computer-or the overseas telegram that connects it to the hub-fails on a star web, merely the failed computing machine will non be able to direct or have web informations. The remainder of the web continues to work usually.

These eight computing machines in the chief office are interlinked with hub-1 ( 3COM, 16 port hub ) , this floor is besides provided with one pressman and the topology used in this floor is leading topology










Topology USED: PEER-TO-PEER Topology


Peer-to-Peer web design uses merely the computing machines that are connected, and does non trust on a waiter. Each computing machine has its ain difficult thrust and, between each of the computing machines, you may hold a Cadmium ROM thrust, a tape back-up system, an subsidiary difficult disc, a data/fax modem, and one or more pressmans. Each node has the ability to speak straight to any node on the web that has the information or service it needs.

With this web type, we can optimise our use of the assorted resources by sharing them within our web. The star layout works good with this type of web because all nodes are connected straight to the hub, doing connexions easy. A coach layout may besides be used with this sort of web. In a peer-to-peer web, assorted computing machines on the web can move both as clients and waiters.

In the land floor there are six computing machines and one pressman interconnected with hub-2 and the hub-2 is connected with hub-1 in the 1st floor which is server based web.

Choosing a topology

Star topology has been used with this web due to the undermentioned grounds:

Modifying system and adding new computing machines is easy.

Centralized monitoring and direction are possible.

Failure of one computing machine does non impact the remainder of the web



















Wide area network








A Wide Area Network ( WAN ) has no geographical bound. It can link computing machines and other devices on opposite sides of the universe. A WAN is made up of a figure of interrelated LANs. The WANs link computing machines to ease fast and efficient exchange of information at lower costs and higher velocities.

Computer connected to broad country web are frequently connected through public webs, such as the telephone system. Sometimes they can be connected through leased lines or orbiters.

While LANs work good, they have physical and distance restrictions. Because LANs are non equal for all concern communicating, they must be able to link between LANs and other types of environments to guarantee entree to full communicating services.

Using constituents such as Bridgess and routers, along with communications service suppliers, a LAN can be expanded from an operation that serves a local country to embrace a broad country web that can back up informations communications statewide, countrywide, or even worldwide. To the user, the WAN appears to work like aA local country web. When a WAN has been decently implemented, it appears identical from a LAN.

Most Wide area networks are combinations of LANs and other types of communications constituents connected by communicating links called “ WAN links. ” WAN links can include:

Packet-switching webs.

Fiber-optic overseas telegram.

Microwave senders.

Satellite links.

Cable telecasting coaxial systems

The above figure shows the construction of WAN, which is made up of two LANs. One is ground floor and the other one is chief office ( waiter based web ) . All the computing machines and pressman in the land floor are connected to hub-2 and the hub-2 is connected to the hub-1 in the chief office. And all computing machines and pressman in the chief office is connected to the hub-1 in the first floor. The waiter in the first floor is connected to the hub-1. Then Hub-1 is connected to the router, so router connected to the modem and so eventually modem to telephone line.