Anatomy Final Exam Fall Review Sheet Essay

Femoral Patellar Accrual Tarsal Pedal Hall Posterior Cordial Dorsal Lumbar Glutei Occipital Sugar Cleanses Plantar 8. Anatomical directions: anterior (ventral) – posterior (dorsal)- superior – inferior lateral – medial proximal- distal superficial- deep 9. Sectional anatomy : Societal plane, frontal plane, transverse plane CHAPTER 2 10. What is an ion 1 1 -Define chemical reaction 12. What is a decomposition reaction (hydrolysis, what happens with energy) 13. What is dehydration synthesis reaction (what happens with the energy) 14. What is an enzyme

Enzyme function – know the steps on how it works 15. What is inorganic vs.. Organic? 16. List the 4 organic molecules in the body 17. What role does carbohydrates play in the body 18. What role does lipid play 19. List & describe 6 roles of protein in the body 20. List 2 examples of nucleic acid and their role 21 . What is the name of the high energy bond in the body CHAPTER 3 22. List 4 functions of the cell membrane 23. What is the difference between passive and active transportation 24. Distinguish diffusion & osmosis 25. List the function of the following cell parts: Nucleus

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Mitochondria Ribosome CHAPTER 4 26. List 4 tissue types Epithelial tissue: 27. Describe epithelial characteristics and function; Where do you find it in the body 28. List 2 types of glandular secretions Connective tissue: 29. 2 basic components all connective tissue has 30. List the functions of connective tissue 31 . List 3 major classifications of connective tissue and examples under each 32. Describe the function of fat, tendons, ligaments, blood, and cartilage (3 types and where found), Muscle tissue 33. List 3 types and basic differences between them Neural tissue 34.

What is the function 35. Know the function of the parts of a neuron Chapter 5 36. Know the main function of the integument system 37. Know the layers in order and basic facts about each layer of the epidermis 38. What is melanin and melancholy’s 39. What structures are found in the dermis layer 40. What is the function of: Hair Arrestor pill Sebaceous glands Sweat glands 41 . Know picture 42. Know the steps in repairing an injury to the skin 43. Skeletal system includes what 44. Function of the skeletal system 45. Know basic bone structure (ecosystem, the matrix) 46.

Know the difference beјmen astrolabes vs.. Seacoasts 47. What 3 parts make up the axial skeleton 48. What is the peninsular skeleton made of 49. Review all bones and articulations and bone marking 50. Be able to label a skeleton 51. Know all new joint information 52. Know all new movement information Be able to label: Phalange Ribs Parietal Carpals Fibula Mandible Radius Talus Imbruing Hummers Siphon process Ilium ulna Frontal Metatarsals Maxillary Sacrum Clavicle Tibia Scapula Stern um body Femur patella Ta arras Metacarpals Vertebrae Temporal Be able to label a picture of the skin