Anatomy University Test Essay

What is the substrate of peptide? Explain, base d upon your results. Protein Digestion by Pepsin The following questions refer to activity 3: Assessing Protein Digestion by Pepsin. 9. At which Ph did you see the highest activity of pepsin? How does this correlate to the location of pepsin in the body? 10. What effect did boiling have on pepsin? 11. Was there any digested BAPNA containing the pepsin or deionizer (DI) water? How can you tell? 12. What is the substrate in this experiment?

What is the usual substrate for pepsin, and what subunits are formed with pepsin activity? 13. What was the effect of decreasing the incubation time on the optical density results? 14. What effects would decrease incubation temperature have on pepsin activity? Why? 15. What was the significance of using 37 degree C for the incubation? Fat digestion by pancreatic lipase and the action of bile The following question refer to activity 4: Assessing fat digestion by pancreatic lipase and the action of bile 16.

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Describe the activity of lipase with and without the addition of bile salts. Refer to chart 4 for Ph values. 17. Is the activity of bile a chemical or a physical process? Explain. 18. What Ph resulted in the maximum pancreatic lipase activity? How does this optimal Ph correlate to the enzyme`s location in the body? 19. Explain whether or not we can determine fat hydrolysis in tube 5. Why or why not? 20. What is the substrate in the experiment? What subunits does lipase form? Physical Process; Mechanics