Anemia cases and are more likely to

Anemia is a disease in living organisms, in which the Red Blood Cells RBC do not produce hemoglobin as much it is required. Hemoglobin is found inside the RBCs which helps in carrying oxygen to the lungs, other parts of the body as well as the tissues. The general symptoms of anemia are headache, chest pain, paleness of skin, weakness, etc. There are various types of anemia like Iron Deficiency anemia, Sickle-Cell anemia, Vitamin Deficiency anemia, etc. The most common type anemia found in living organisms is Iron Deficiency anemia. Decrease of hemoglobin, decrease of red blood counts and less of iron, causes Iron Deficiency anemia. Decrease of hemoglobin means that the body is not producing enough oxygen to transport to the lungs, other parts of the body as well as the tissues. Improper diet and heavy menstruation generally causes Iron Deficiency anemia. For the diagnosis or tests, the doctor could ask for ultrasound women, endoscopy, colonoscopy, test for determining the color and size of the RBCs, etc. For the treatment, the doctor could prescribe taking iron tablets and eating iron rich food such as spinach, red meat, quinoa, broccoli, etc.Many organisations are coming forward to help people who are suffering from Iron Deficiency anemia. Some of the organisations such as the WHO World Health Organisation helps in raising awareness among people and supports in eating iron rich food items. The Manoff Group raises fund and awareness on Iron Deficiency anemia. The impact on treatment in moral point is that many elders and infants feel depressed in sensitive cases and are more likely to survive due to less supply of blood. In economic point, people with low income leave the treatment in between which leaves them still anemic.Work cited-