Anger Management Essay

Anger management commonly refers to a system of therapeutic psychological techniques and exercises by which someone with excessive or uncontrollable anger can reduce or control the triggers, degrees, and effects of an emotional angered state. The term violent crime is interoperated as a crime in which an offender uses violent force or threatens the victim. This entails both crimes in which the violent act of the offender is the objective such as murder, child abuse as well as crimes where violence is the means to an end such as robbery.

Anger management is somewhat used in our prisons today to enhance behaviour difficulties in violent offenders. This is not an effective way to reduce crime in society prison systems but an easier way for the prison system to convict violent offenders. This allows the offenders to get an easier, less punishable way out of the violent offence they have committed. We should be considering, when someone beats there wife, child or any other persons, they do not just do it once and then stop.This is an ongoing thing that can rarely be resolved and anger management is not a suitable option for those criminals who have committed these kinds of violent offences. An example of who the anger management program would work on and who it wouldn’t have any effect on would be on a person who committed a sexual assault as the studies suggest that people who commit sexual assault are not violent offenders as such they have a mental disorder or haven’t been brought up right the sexual assault offender needs psychological help not anger management.

Compared to a person who just assaulted someone outside of a pub/nightclub that is a crime that is caused by violence and anger management would be affective if that person wanted to change their behaviour and if they were committed to the program. Howells 1998. Ramm and Black 2001 concluded, “This therapeutic approach is effective”. One of the common methods in recent years has been Meta-analysis, which allows for a number of outcome studies to determine whether a general pattern of effectiveness is demonstrated. “This form of reatment has a large to moderate affect in the reduction of anger problems “(Beck & Fernandez 1988). (Edmondson & conger 1996).“Although this method of treatment is affective in violent offenders changing their behavioural thoughts it’s cost effective and can only be affective on those who want to help themselves. This method of treatment surely will not cure the offender and probably doesn’t reduce the offender acting out however anger management is used as a positive message that it’s possible for behavioural changes.

When they are referring to the words “deal with” in the essay question are referred to as they are wanting to use the anger management program to deal with the violent offenders instead of a prison sentence, but for repeat offenders and murders, child abuses, and other serious offences like that they want to have the program implemented into their sentence use it as a method of going for parole to be released early from prison.The fact that anger management only works on those who want to be helped is a sign that you’re not always going to get the results you’re aiming for. The heterogeneity of their personalities and life style characteristics the treatment options should be suited to each offender or though the most effective method used in correctional fertilities is cognitive-behavioural therapy this is the most popular and most effective.

Anger and emotional training is biased on Novaco’s model of anger.Although only a number of crimes committed are violent, United States data conducted in 1994 show that 93 per cent of state inmates and 61 per cent of federal inmates are incarcerated for a violent crime. (Wolf 1994) Similar results were recorded in Canada where 80 per cent have a violent criminal record because of the sheer number of violent offenders this assumption that there is a “prototypical” violent offender is misguided. Different kinds of violent dispositions are a result of a different combination of personal features.Each individual has different degrees of a violent personality. This should be taken into consideration when assessing the offenders who can take part in this program. These serious violent offenders, such as murders, sex offenders, rapists and child abuses, should not be allowed to participate in anger management classes to deal with their offence, instead should be sentenced in a maximum prison sentence for the offence they committed.There was a servery taken out in south Australia where (Walker 1990) they found that 1 in 6 offenders taken to prison were only there for committing a violent offence, there was a second more useful method used on the 30th of June 1991 where 40 per cent of the prison population were there for committing violent offences that means out of 1,042 prisoners 611 were sentenced for a violent offence on this day.

Do you think that we as tax payers should be paying higher taxes so that those who want to get out of the offence they committed by taking part in anger management?Should these criminals have it when it has a very brief affect on those who want to commit themselves? How do you know whose committed and whose not when u allow them to take part in the program, it’s a waste of time and our tax payers money? Violent criminals are looking for any opportunity they can come across to get an easy way out of their offence. Would you like a child abuser, murder or rapist to be walking free on the street with no prison sentence because they were approved to take part in an anger management program?In completion of that program they go out into society and commit another offence, we have to be realistic when it comes to allowing theses programs into society’s prisons are they really going to have a greater impact then a prison sentence. Anger management should not be used to treat violent criminals to keep them from going to prison but should be used in conjunction with prison to help better the inmates and lesson the violence in the prison system and society.If this treatment of anger management has a positive affect there should be a study taken out on the least violent offenders to see how the program works without a prison sentence. In saying this if, the anger management affect does not work and the criminals that have taken part and then offend in a violent way they should not be given an option and sent straight to prison. Most studies suggest that this affect is not going to work for many violent offenders and that prison is the best option.

They offenders should have to either complete the anger management during their sentence in prison before being released into society. It’s an outrage that they could even consider this as an option instead of prison and to think that it’s going to have a positive effect. I don’t agree that this is a form of treatment but a form of improving “offender readiness” as motivation is the crucial aspect of completing a treatment program and the inmates as such have to be prepared to do the program to help themselves and not just use it as a easy way out of prison.There needs to be more research preformed to determine whether or not this is a suitable option for those who have committed a crime in a violent way, the program should be assessed on the severity of the crime for instance there can be all types of offenders such as those suffering from a major mental disorder or not they can be adults or juvenile Etc.

These are all factors that are going to influence the type of treatment they require and need to be considered more deeply before considering what therapy they need to take place in and what is going to help their needs. In conclusion, it’s going to be a more expensive way to convict violent offenders of the offence that they have committed. It’s also a way that were not exactly sure on how many offenders it’s going to work for and how many will be committed to bettering themselves and admitting that the offense that they have committed is wrong.Even with saying that they done wrong are they really going to mean it or are they just going to make us believe that so they can be released into society to re offend. It’s not a fair option on those who have been sentenced in the past to have this opportunity available now, and it’s not fair on society that these people should be allowed to be let on the streets where our families and children out because of a simple anger management course.