Animal Farm Review Essay

Animal Farm is a fairy story and it is an allegorical and dystopian novel written by George Orwell. It was published in England on 17 August 1 945 and it criticizes Joseph Stalin, due to his dictatorship. In this book, the main characters are animals and it represents the society, because Orwell couldnt mention people in the government or he would be arrested. The main characters are the animals from Mr. Jones’ farm.

They were treated miserably nd, one night, after hearing the last words of old Major, a wise pig who was near death, they rioted against their owner. The book describes how the animals were able to manage their farm, as well as the problems that began to appear due to a greedy pig named Napolean. He used the dogs he raised to murder the leader Of the farm and to replace him, which represents the reign of terror Stalin had begun in the Soviet Union.

In my opinion, the book contain a large a rich vocabulary, but it can be negative because you need to ave a dictionary nearby to be able to fully understand the meaning of each phrase. The book contain a lot of morals that can be used to criticize humans, and although it criticizes the animal in the story, we can easily understand what the author wants to transmit. To sum up, the Animal Farm, is a book worth reading, because it has a high educational value, but needs a high level of maturity to understand this book, or the reader won’t be able to see the reason this book was written.