Annotated Bibliography PTSD Essay

Drape and Juneau feel that us as a country as a whole do not contribute enough funds to successfully treat all the soldiers who get diagnosed with P T SD they believe e should have more professionals trying to help the soldiers and focus on their mental health as soon as possible. There is an incredible amount Of soldiers who have PITS who don’t seek help because they are afraid that others would see them as weak, and often health care does not cover PITS. The two writers Drape and Juneau work at a law firm so their views are pretty legal heavy but are a very trustworthy source.

Brewster, Murray (2014, February) Commons motion to save vets’ offices defeated. Motherland Murray Brewster is a well known in Canadian journalism for the Canadian press and has experience in the military which makes him a credible source in this topic. Brewster explains In this article how the movement to keep Veterans Affairs district offices open did not work. The defeated motion called for more mental health professionals to help war veterans and to have the government complete nearly a 100 unsolved suicide investigations involving war veterans.

The article did a very good job getting first hand comments from soldiers who were disappointed with the results of the motion. The result of this motion in my eyes really confused me because I really didn’t see why the motion got denied as there was really no downside to passing the action as it would look better on the government to show they care about the heath of its people and not only that but it would increase the amount of jobs in the psychology career so not only would the government be helping the veterans they would be helping their people get jobs and improve the economy.