Announcing the New and Revised Employee Education Policies Essay

In order for discussing with customers effectively, EBG wants all employees must master the scientific concepts behind the company’s products and services. Therefore, the company requires the employees should be trained continuoustly in these concepts. And to get this, many employees need a good foundation in reading, writing and math. As a result, EBG is going to offer basic, intermediate, and advanced courses beginning six months from now.Courses are provided by EBGThe employees who take the courses that are provided by EBG will comply with the following policies:* Employees can take a course basing on managers’ recommendation or oneself’s choice.* The courses will be offered during work hours.* Employees will be paid for the time they spend in class.* Book will be provided.* Process in these courses will be one of the factors for evaluating employees’ quarterly performance and annual salary.Courses are provided by the local universitiesBeside these basic course, employees are encouraged to take courses at local universities will have the following advantages:* Using the company’s tuition reimbursement program.* Increasing the maximum reimbursement from 3000$ to 5000$ a year and including* Books* Tuition* Fees* Taking off a half day, with pay on these special conditions.* Receiving the reimbursement if* Get at least a B in the course on the special conditions* Get at least a C in the normal conditions* Providing the list of* Available course* Recommend course* Specially designed courses