Anova Multivariate Designs: MANOVA/MANCOVA · ANOVA-simultaneous component analysis

Anova is a statistical technique that
has the ability to assess the potential difference in a scale-level dependent variable
by using a nominal-level variable which has two or more categories. Anova was
first developed in 1918 by Ronald Fisher. Anova extends the t and Z test which
had the problem whereby it only allowed the nominal level variable to possess
two categories. The Anova test is also called the Fisher analysis of Variance.

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Factorial ANOVA

Analysis of Covariance

Gage R&R


Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA

ANOVA with Random Factors and
Nested Models

Multivariate Designs:

ANOVA-simultaneous component

Randomized Blocks ANOVA

Assumptions and Effects of
Violating Assumptions

Repeated measures ANOVA

Contrast Analysis and Post
hoc Tests

Scheirer-Ray-Hare Test


Categories of ANOVA


purpose ANOVA

Students and researchers use ANOVA in varied
ways. The research design is what dictates the use of ANOVA .there are three
common ways in which ANOVA is used, these are: One-way ANOVA, two-way ANOVA,
and N-way ANOVA

Ø  One-Way ANOVA

There is just one independent variable in one
way ANOVA.

Ø  Two-Way ANOVA

Two ways ANOVA uses two independent variables.
It has the ability to examine the relationship between two independent variables.
The two-way ANOVA is also referred to as factorial ANOVAs


This allows for researchers to use more than
two independent variables. The n-way ANOVA has n which
bears the number of all the independent variables.

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