Answer 4 history questions in paragraph form Essay

U.S. Immigrants

            Almost every person from every nation assumes that the United States of America is the land of the free and of golden opportunities. Yes there are countless job vacancies in the United States of America but since many people including the citizens, residents, migrants, etc are also trying to get a job, the reported unemployment rate as of April 2007 is 4.5% (U.S…, n.d.). It is good however that there were approximately four million job vacancies in the country currently (U.S…, n.d.). Basically, this is the country that will make someone’s dreams come true.

Great Depression’s Survivor’s Advice

            Most likely I will not advocate laissez-faire wherein the government does not have the power to intervene, thus allowing free trade and market competition basically because this particular policy caused the Great Depression (The.., 2006). Instead, I will suggest that the production system will only produce goods according to the consumer’s demand (The.., 2006). In addition to that, poor taxation practices should be worked upon as well (The.., 2006). Also, over-regulation of the economy should be watched out for (The.., 2006). Last but not least, overproduction and “under-consumption” should be avoided (The.., 2006).

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Greatest Effect of the Great Depression

            I strongly believe that if there is to be labeled “the greatest single effect of the Depression in the United States” then that would be poverty (The.., 2006).  Naturally, the following came along as a consequence of poverty as well: 1) families were destroyed – as proven by 1932 headlines that more than a hundred children dies of malnutrition in New York City; 2) farms were lost; 3) homes were lost; and last but not least 4) unemployment – as evidenced by news reports in 1932 that laying off is occurring (The.., 2006). Not only that poverty was extremely felt, back then it was also concretely noted down (The.., 2006). Explaining further, the U.S. National income in 1932 was recorded at only $41billion, $40billion lesser three years before that (The.., 2006). Moreover, for three years beginning in 1929 there were nine million bank accounts wiped out (The.., 2006). Also, there were eighty five thousand businesses that failed in just three years or from 1929 – 1932 (The.., 2006).

Segregation: Martin Luther King vs. Malcolm X

            Martin Luther King consistently fought against segregation and advocated/fought for civil rights, Malcolm X, however also despise segregation. They both attempted to provide solutions for it. They just have different views about it: For Martin Luther King, segregation is a combination of immorality and injustice (Moncur, 2007). On the other hand, Malcolm X look at it as something strained upon the blacks by the whites which cannot be separated unless both the blacks and the whites agree to do so (Malcolm.., n.d.). In addition to that, while Martin Luther King fought for civil rights in response to segregation, Malcolm X went against integration as a solution to segregation (Malcolm.., n.d.). This is where Martin Luther King and Malcolm X significantly differ.


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