Anti Semitism Essay

Anti Semitism is the prejudice, hatred or the discrimination of Jewish people. Anti Semitism was never a word until the late 19 hundreds, the word was made in Germany, as a more scientific term then “judenhass” which means “Jew-hatred”. A person who holds such views is called an “anti-Semite”. People to who are anti-Semitists are either against the religion or race. 1 determined person to exterminate all Jews was Adolf Hitler.

His hatred was so great for the reason that every Jew he ever encountered always left Hitler with a really bad impression. In the actions of anti Semitism millions of Jews have been assassinated and have been limited in their rights in what actions they may take and which they may not. The website of the Saudi Arabian Supreme commission for tourism cordially stated that they would not grant tourist visas to the Jewish implying them to not be able to enter the state under any circumstances.

The Saudi Embassy in the United States retracted itself from the statement, which was later removed. In Malaysia a newspaper article later stated that the Jews had a far too great understanding of money and did not want to risk the loss of their country by allowing them to interfere with any financial business.

Although much Anti Semitism is spread widely around the world, in Turkey Prime Minister Erdogan stated that anti Semitism was a crime against humanity he also said that “as a minority, they’re our citizens. Both their security and the right to observe their faith are under our guarantee” ensuring their faith with the Jewish. Many different types of anti Semitism exist around the world but not as terrifyingly deadly as that of Adolf Hitler with the Jewish. My opinion in Anti Semitism is that everyone is the same.