Antigone Speech Essay

Antigone, stand in front of you, council members and King Creon, to rational Ize my decision to bury my brother Polynices. know my actions were against your la w, but that does not mean I think they are not justified. I had just as much right to bury polynic es, as he had to be buried.

Have I ever broken your law before today? Have ever shown any signs of reb ellion?My brother was not given what he deserves and as a highclass, respected citizen of this kingdom, and the daughter of a king that once was, I took action on this inconceivable c rcumstance. How could someone stand there and watch their own brotheds body be treated in such an appalling way? I would have rather died than go through the excruciating pain of seeing my brother scavenged by animals. If you could stand there and see someone you cherish ed deeply in such a manner, than you should be ashamed of yourself.Have we all forgotten the g ods’ laws? Are we all just going to overlook the fact that the gods specifically say that every hum an should have a proper burial? Yes, I am breaking your law, Creon, butl am following our gods Unless you are nsinuating that you think your authority is higher than theirs? If you do wish to break the gods’ laws, Creon, what sort of example are you se tting for Newman 2 your citizens? If you, the allmighty king of Thebes, gets to defy the gods, why n 0t the citizens of this kingdom?And let us not forget the gods themselves in all of this. I do n ot think they will be too happy to hear that the king is not following their laws. This can bring e xtensive consequences to our kingdom and everyone will know who to blame.

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believe that the real problem here is that you, Creon, are letting your better j udgment be linded by your hatred for Polynices and your fear of looking like a coward. T his hatred Will lead to the fall of Thebes.I believe that if you put all of that hatred and fear behind you, you can make an actual appropriate decision and do what is right for Thebes. My decision to bury my beloved brother, Polynices was withoutadoubt the ap propriate way to handle this unthinkable act. I would not have changed my mind, if I ha d the chance to. However, I hope you take into consideration what have told you today and w hat killing me and denying my brother a proper burial would do to this kingdom.