Any a very chill person and listen

Any previous punishments on FenixMC?: Nope, not at allWhy should you become staff on FenixMC (detailed): I feel I should be a staff on FenixMc, because I have past experiences with hackers and I do not enjoy them at all, from past staff experiences I always responded to the alerts as much as possible. I am very mature, and I feel that being mature affects on being a staff member for knowing how to handle things the right way, I am usually a very chill person and listen to what has to be said before I speak. I would help any player and if a player is requesting help in the teamspeak I would immediately move them in my room and ask them what their issue is and figure out how to help them. If the matter that they give to me is out of my area… e.g I don’t have permission, I would contact a higher member of staff if they are available. Due to me having around 1k subscribers on my youtube channel I am able to record a staff series and benefit the server into getting more players. I am not toxic at all, I am a youtuber only a few videos and I guess I am not the toxic person, I am really friendly but not friendly to a point where it gets annoying. I am friendly and nice and ain’t toxic. as I have been staff on many other servers and actually owned a few of my own, nothing to big just enough to know all the commands and permissions.I believe that I am capable of being staff on this server and really helping them out, I want to make a difference on the first server that I joined around 3-5 months ago. I will make sure that I follow all rules and not break any of FenixMC The players will be satisfied with me after I help them with an issue, most of the time when I am on the server I would be watching players, skipping from one another and if nothing appears I would go on the teamspeak or forums for around 30 minutes and just keep rotating. I will follow the rules and not abuse my power or be a power hungry trialmod, I will respect my position and other staff members, including players and will help them to the best I can. I will make sure to stay calm in any situation no matter how angry or upset the person requesting help are. I normally send a good vibe around. If I happen to get accepted I would be looking forward to put all of my time and effort into a server I enjoy to play and moderate, this will be a great opportunity for me to punish all of the people who break the rules and cheat on the server as I do not condone that in any way. I would like to apply for this server as I have been with this server for a long time and I want to help out the community, sometimes when I am on the server or on the teamspeak there are not many staff on, if any and even if there are most of them are busy. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. I want to help the players and solve the problem until they are satisfied with the outcome. I believe that I can make a difference and help all the players in this community. I also have a lot of spare time and I want to use it doing something good, and that is working for the server and helping the owners manger it’s players. I want to make a difference on this server because most of the time when I am on I barely see any staff that can help me, I want to change this for others (as I have previously stated).Do you have any past experience as a staff member? (detailed):SmartHCF: Admin, my job here was to make sure that the ranks below me were doing their job and also I was needed in Teamspeak a lot in order to help players with getting their base rolled back, sometime might of needed to help the owners with some ideas for the server and even help them test somethings such as plugins ect. Unfortunately, this server had shut down due to insufficient funds.Assasian MC: Sr.Mod, my role on this server was mostly to manage ban appeals on the website and rollback player’s inventory if they died to a hacker or an unfair reason. I was also able to restore their dtr ect. Sadly, the server shut down due to lack of players and the lack of dedication and funds of the owners. This resulted in me losing my staff rank. And losing all contact with the owners and other staff members.WaterHCF: I was a manager on that server and I managed all the ban appeals and the staff applications along with banning hackers to I think that this is a major experience for 1 it means I am loyal and don’t just resign for no reason. It sadly shut down after a year and a half because the server owner quick minecraft.Do you have any experience in screen sharing (detailed): Honestly, my experience in screen sharing is not the best, but I know the semi-advanced ways of finding hacked clients and ghost clients. With the right tools, I am able to find most of them if not all of them if I get accepted on the staff team I will dedicate my time to research and ask other staff members on advice onto how to screen share.What makes you better than other applicants? (detailed): I don’t believe that I am better than other applicants, I believe that I have more qualities and resources in order to make my self the best staff member.I feel I could make a good impact to the staff team, for the reason i am very funny and people enjoy to be around me to my personal opinion, and I wish all other applicants good luck on their applications as well I like to see everyone succeed.Active – I am really active and I come on the server daily, I love to play the server as the staff on here help me efficiently in Teamspeak and on the server. As said I am on every day I personally think that being active affects a staff member.Screensharing – In screen sharing, I do admit I am not the best but I know the basic things and some extra stuff, I will dedicate my time into making my self very experienced in screen sharing at a point where people will ask “Could you give me some advice” (about screen sharing).Website – I am very familiar with XenForo styled websites as this was very commonly used on servers that I was staff on, at first they seem complicated but when you give it time like I did you learn all you need to in a matter of days if not hours.Teamspeak – I am in Teamspeak most of the time and when I get staff, if I get it I will be in Teamspeak supporting players which I can help if it is not above my rank in whatever way I can. I will help them quickly and make sure that their problem is fully solved. I will be mature at all times and will not embarrass FenixMc in any way at any time.Any additional info you would like to add: I am just a chill member of the FenixMc community and I enjoy playing HCF, on the server although sometimes I do enjoy to play other servers. I spend my time when I am not on my computer either by revising for exams or completing late homework ect.ill read all feedback and change what needs to get changedIf there are any miss spelled words please let me know in the commentsthanks for reading my staff application