Any along her most of the time.

Any day without writing seemed pointless. For me at least, it was the only way to express creativity. Being lonely and bored most of the time, I was forced to go to a summer camp. I wasn’t expecting much from this, but something phenomenal happened. At camp, there was somebody that looked exactly like me, except for a few differences not worth mentioning. I crept along her most of the time. She wasn’t the one that opens up to others. Her head looking downwards as if she was subconsciously trying to hide from the rest of the world. I wasn’t sure why she’s here though.  Perhaps same as mine, I’m not too sure. But behind that innocent exterior, there was a tragic story to it, I can tell. It was destiny that we met. I got close to examine her, and she began to notice my presence. She eyed me cautiously, but there wasn’t a hint of astonishment in her look. It was just a cold stare. Does she not notice something phenomenal like this? I questioned myself. I quickly walked past her, hoping that she wouldn’t suspect me. I knew that I was gasping because there was no way something like this could happen. I wanted to talk to her, but the counselors gathered everyone up, and I saw her walk back to her cabin. Sadly, mine was right next to hers.  The silver moonlight felt like a guide. The faint breathing of the campers was deafening at night. It was impossible to sleep. I needed to know the truth. Getting off of the bed, a violent gust of wind swept by, making me shiver.  But curiosity got the better of me, and I crept outside silently. The sky was dark. The stars hidden behind the shifting clouds. It looked like a messy painting. It was eerie, but I felt enchanted. I loved this atmosphere, the feeling of being the only soul to roam aimlessly and freely. It rested inside my heart. A faded remnant of my past life, memories allowing myself to recognize who he was. It was all meaningless, just an overheard conversation.