AP Free Response Essay

This is the biggest face tort that distinguishes the two. There are two types of humorists; the entertainer and the enlightened. These two people although in the same line of work serve two completely different purposes. T he entertainer and the enlightened may give two speeches Of the same topic but fundamentally t hey may be completely different and therefore their effect on society changes. The goal of the entertain inner is to do exactly that entertain, their goal is to make people laugh and be amuse d and on a larger scale; make money.

The goal of the enlightened is to make people realize the f allures of society and on a large scale; to bring about change. They also present their topics in different ways since the entertainer’s main end goal is humor while in the enlightenment’s case humor r is normally a byproduct that is produced because the enlightenment’s claims are so ridiculous . So, it often confuses people why a humorist whose goal is to make people laugh is unable e to get his or her point across. The main reason is the stereotype associated with comedians.

T happily a comedian s a light hearted individual who likes to entertain people. Therefore anything the individual says will be viewed as such and will not be taken to heart. For example if we take a famous comedian like Kevin Hart, or Jeff Dunham and say they perform a skit in which they talk about beating one’s child which typically is frowned upon in modern society. However because SE it is a famous comedian everyone would take it in a light hearted manner losing its serious sees and focusing more on the joke itself.

Therefore it is highly unlikely that the audience would o home and have a serious thought about child beating let alone take away a valuable lesson FRR mom the performance. This is simply because once the goal of the humorist is to entertain the audio once the humorist loses all ability to deliver a serious message as the audience is only interested in jokes. On the other hand the the humorists whose goal is to convey messages to pee people and bring about change, they present the problems in society and argue in a very I moral way that is laughable in which case humor is a byproduct of the argument.

One good ex. ample would be Jonathan Swifts A Modest Proposal in which he argues the best way to control I the rise of poverty in Ireland is to use poor people’s babies as a food source. Swift uses many facts and possibilities to support his idea and as a result Of such an absurd idea people are often humored by it. But since his goal was not just to humor people, his argument also shed s light on the hardships going on in Ireland. All the while while keeping his message light he rater he forces his audience to recognize the problems in society and in his conclusion he descried bees possible lotions.