Ap Lang and Composition Essay

When the topics are being brought up of animals being used in experiments or in laboratory researches, many folks disapprove of it. Despite of peoples opinion, the experiments or laboratory research towards animals should be supported and allowed. To cure people in any kind problems or disease they always experiment on animals first. Which is the best thing to do, to save many life’s. Many people say animals have the same feeling as humans, as in they have the capacity for seeing, hearing, believing, remembering, and anticipating and experiencing pleasure and pain.Though it has been proven that animals and humans don’t think alike and are not on the same scale. The truth is that when you have pets you eventually fall attach to them and you treat them as your own.

So mostly people that disagree with the idea of animals being experimented. The reason is because they have pets of there own and they feel sorry if there pet was basically meant as a toy which is being played around but for a good cause. Or they would feel sorry if there pet was put in the same spot as animals being experimented.Though if this ever occurred, no one will ever give up there family members for experiments like this when they have pets at home.

Though if they choose not to do experiments on animals, humans would be the only things left on to experience things. Which can be bad for us because the stuff they experiment with animals basically determine what ever has passed with the experiment on them can be use sufficiently with us to help and cure disease or any problems.When people see the chart of animals being used in research in UK is mostly mice that are being more experimented.

Which them experimenting with mice shouldn’t be that much of a different that people should be opposed to it. Yes people use other type of animals in research but not all of them have a significance in our daily life’s. They test those animals for are good health and new inventions. If parents ever noticed that their children receive a vaccine that provides protection against polio, typhus, diphtheria, whooping cough, smallpox, and tetanus are usually experimented on animals first. They tested all these on animals first to see if it was safe for us.

People that suffer from diabetes, they tested on dogs and have also been diagnosed with insulin which researches developed insulin pumps to replace injections. Dogs have been very important for researchers to practice there learning on them, by performing heat surgery, pacemakers, heart transplants and many more.To come to conclusion, realistically if we don’t have animals to try these experiments then researchers cant risk peoples life’s for coming up with new inventions. Animals are a big support to our society, for us to live in a better world we practice on them. Which yes, some are unfortunate to survive during an experiment and the fortunate ones are lucky and make us lucky.

So once again, people should actually consider the benefits we are receiving from animals being tested that we can have a better life and not put a stop to it.