AP World History Audit Syllabus Final Essay

For students to better understand he complexity of the contemporary world, they need to comprehend and appreciate the past. This course will embrace a truly global view Of history and civilization. Instead of concentrating on the regurgitation of names and dates, students will be analyzing cause and effect. Students will be analyzing cultures in order to compare and contrast the ideas and trends within and among cultures. Students will be studying how things have changed over time and how ideas have remained constant through the years (change over time and continuity).

Students will also be spending a considerable amount of time reading, nterpreting, and analyzing primary and secondary source documents along with charts and graphs. Students will do this through developing and refining their analytical abilities and their critical thinking skills. Course Goals: Students will comprehend, analyze, and interpret historical events, conditions, historical and geographic context, trends, and issues to develop an understanding of world civilizations including their encounters and interactions with each other in the past and today.

Students will be better prepared for college by engaging and participating in a class that tresses an academically challenging and rigorous curriculum.