Apol 104 Worldview Essay

Worldview is unique to each individual, it is the way each person views the world. Everyone’s worldview can be different due to perspectives on a topic or of an event. There are many filters that can be applied to a person’s worldview. A Biblical worldview is based on the bible. The Question of Origin is, how did life begin? The biblical worldview is that God is the creator of the universe and all mankind.

In Genesis 1 the bible states God created the heavens and the earth. In Psalms 139, David writes God is his creator. The Question of Identity is, who are we?The biblical worldview is we are all a creation of God. Genesis 1 also states that we are created in God’s image and man is to rule over the fish, birds and every living thing that moves on earth. The Question of Meaning or Purpose is, why do we exist? We exist to know and have a relationship with God.

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We exist to bring glory to God. Revelation 4, tells us we were created for God’s pleasure. 1 Corinthians 6, says our body is a temple…received from God. The Question of Morality is, what is right or wrong based upon God’s scripture in the biblical worldview?Psalm 4, tells us “lift up the light of your countenance upon us, Lord” implying that what is good and bad will be impressed upon us. Genesis 3, shares with us Adam’s poor moral behavior of eating the forbidden fruit. The Question of Destiny is, what happens when we die? Christian worldview of destiny is if you’ve chosen Christ as your Savior while on earth you will have an eternal presence in Heaven. Revelations 20 and 21, tell us of blessings of God in heaven and being punished in Hell.A person’s biblical worldview may influence the way they treat animals and take care of the environment.

Their biblical worldview would be to care for God’s creations, the earth and our animals. This could be exercised by recycling or rescuing animals. Another way a person’s biblical worldview could influence their future is by guiding the person to select their career. A person’s view could lead them to a career in ministry, if they feel strongly about teaching God’s word.

It may also influence them in other ways of helping others or their community.