Apple Macintosh Commerical 1984 Essay

Viviana Terrazas 11°C 08/10/11 Apple Macintosh Analysis This analysis will be focused on how the advertisement of in Apple in 1984 has been effective in terms of accomplishing the purpose.

The main idea of the commercial is to annunciate to the society that there would be a drastic change in the efficiency of technology, which leads to the idea that Apple with this its new computer would be “different “from the rest.First of all it is important to mention that during 1984 there was a lot of competition, especially in the computer industry; not to mention that there was one company who had almost the entire control (IBM) . Precisely that’s why this commercial makes an allusion to George Orwell’s “1984” novel. In order to understand this we need to look at the commercial in two parts. The first part is making reference to the problem, it shows Big brother as the one who controls everything and has the society doing what he says, not allowing them to think for their own.This is effective since we can interpret IBM with big brother and how their “bad technology” has the entire control over the consumers which in this case are represented by the bald men wearing gray uniform. In the second part we can identify some symbolism, a women wearing colorful clothes appears running with a sledgehammer on her hands, if we look closely we can actually see that she has an apple logo on the her t-shirt.This is effective since first of all she is the only women present in the commercial and secondly the colors of her clothes are eye-catching making the viewer focus on her.

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We can also understand that she representing the apple brand (the good technology) and at the same time she is offering a change to the society. We can assume that Apple with its new computer would change everything; replacing the bad technology with the good technology.Another important point to analyze is the satirical tone it has. It is not only criticizing IBM, but is also trying to tell that Apples new computer would be different, since they would create a drastic change in the computer era.

After analyzing the different techniques that were used in this commercial, it can be concluded that the advertisement accomplish its purpose. The, tone, symbolisms and allusions help understand that Apples new computer would be different and would change life.