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APPLICATION OF FORCES – PAPER HELICOPTERWhat is force?First of all, let’s get to know the concept of force, its simplest meaning 8s a push or pull upon an object, which we can’t proved as incorrect or correct. We can’t see a force but we can see it’s effect. Whenever there is an interaction between two objects, there is always force applied to it, the force can stop or move objects that are stationary and change it’s direction. It can also change the level of speed by applying more force towards the object and lastly it can change the shape of the object. RESEARCH QUESTIONHow does the mass of the paperplane effect the time to fallhypothesis: if a paper airplane was set off in a height with different amount of paper clips hanging on them, then the paper airplane with the least paperclips on them will fall slower, because a lighter object experiences lesser gravitational force than heavier objectVariable involved in the experimentindependant : amount of paper clips attached to the helicopterdependant: the time for the helicopter, mass of helicopterControl Variable:the height of the starting point (280 cm or 2 m 80 cm), the size of the helicopter, the size of the paper clips, the type of the paper clipControl Variables To make my investigation a fair test I will control the following variables:VariableEquipment used to control variableValueHeight of the starting pointruler and hands280 cm the size of helicopterOur sight to see the size of the helicopter used the samethe type of the paper clipsOur sight to see the type of the paperclipsmetal paperclipsthe size of the paperclipsOur sight to see the size of the paperclips centimeterMaterials and equipment I will use the following materials and equipment: Equipmentmass scalescissorstopwatch ( we used 2 and compare them to each other)1 until 3 metal paper clipsSafety/Risk AssessmentI will show my investigation plan to the teacher and ask permission to start the investigation.I will wear safety goggles and a laboratory coat during the experiments and report any accidents or spillage of chemicals to the teacher. I will be careful and use heat resistant gloves when handling hot apparatus.I will tidy up my work area after I have finished my investigation.MethodThis is exactly what I will do step by step:prepare the materials and equipment as above, prepare scissors to cut the following template as above.cut the paper template of the helicopter as instruction fold the the lines as intructionprepare paper clips, and placed it on the paper helicopterfor the first experiment, put 1 paperclips in the helicopterfigure the height of the starting pointstand on the starting point and measure the starting pointprepare stopwatched aswellasked ur partner and another person to timed the rate of timetimed the time for the helicopter to fall from the starting pointdo the exactly from step 4 until step 10, but now with 2 clips and then 3 clipskeep track of the time and trialsrecord the time down below and observe the changes.ResultsIV- Amount of paperclipstrial 1trial 2trial 3Average 1 (0.7g) (1.2g) (1.6g) the method you followed allow you to collect data you thought could be trusted?Yes, I’ve used the exact method above to perfect my results.Was your hypothesis correct?yes, it was. the heavier object falls quicker than the lighter objectWhat improvements would you make in order to improve the experiment if you did it again?i would ve put more trial if i have more time and put more of the independent variables.Graph